Steps To Expand Its Network through Twitter

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Steps To Expand Its Network through Twitter

Steps To Expand Its Network through Twitter

You get on Twitter and you wonder how others are doing to have followers while you get painfully gather 15 followers. This article contributes to the Event develop its network and able to expand its network.

My first steps on Twitter

In this June 16, 2010, I decided to join the wonderful world of Twitter. I therefore join the social network. I get really happy to discover this little blue bird, I follow my first account, I post my first tweets, everything goes perfectly. After a few days on Twitter, I have this feeling that I’ve had a few days and this is more day after day … This like talking in a vacuum, to find myself in a ghost town. Nobody follows. I’m all alone in the desert and I especially feel that nobody is interested in my tweets. I then decided to investigate a little more how this social network work. I just find how to get to some interested followers, make friends, find people to talk to….

Tweed adder to build its community

During my initial research, I discovered a really great tool TweetAdder. It allows me to quickly follow new twitter profiles while maintaining the focus that I took the time to set up initially. But be careful to configure this tool wisely because the lack of quality. It can go fast and can make us look big spammers if you do not set a minimum. Please properly target you create the community that suits you.

With this software I managed to finally get my first quality followers. Profiles of interesting people who decide to follow me and be interested in what I say.

Create and manage lists with Tweetbe

That’s it I start to follow a lot of people and the flow of tweets a day is huge. I spent hours reading everything that happened during my absence but in the lot all the tweets do not interest me not. I spotted several people who share information very interesting and I do not want to miss. To not miss anything I found the solution: make lists by interest and for that I am using Tweetbe, super intuitive and practical. With this tool when I connect directly to Twitter I see its lists to be updated of what was said in my field during my absence.

The Retweets to get noticed and start a conversation

That’s it I have followers I created my lists for me to navigate. Now I’d like influential people on the network spot me, why not me followent grail and retweet me. But how headend accounts, profiles that have influential community (hundreds of followers), will be interested in me, little frog? Dialogue with those people who have more than 10,000 followers will be difficult my tweet will be lost in the numbers.

After a few retweets I am entitled to the thanks of the people much more now that me on Twitter. Some even greet me so I can engage with these people. To my surprise I see some of these large accounts that take the time to RT my own tweets (RT imagine someone who has 12,000 followers wow!)

Use the hashtag #

That’s it I’m getting a great little community that follows me and sharing information that I tweet regularly. To allow Twitter users who regularly use the search function I decided to use the hashtag in my tweets.  So at the end of each of my tweet I will use the # sign and append to a keyword, it will allow those who seek from this keyword to find my tweet and why not follow me if they find my tweets may be of interest.

That in a nutshell how I started on this vast social network that is Twitter. Should be offered daily tweets quality and show that it follows the news. Always be attentive to your community by taking the time to respond to messages that we send you and even say a simple thank you, this will prove that you read the instructions or direct messages.

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