Blogging in 2013: Why and How To Have Your Own Blog

February 7, 2013 § 1 Comment

Why and How To Have Your Own Blog

Why and How To Have Your Own Blog

If you have not begun to take advantage a good strategy of Content Marketing , we encourage you to start as soon as possible to take advantage of the new opportunities it provides to your business environment. Blogging in 2013 is undoubtedly one of the best purposes you can ask for your business. If you do not know where to start, here are some clues.

Why I want to blog

  • A corporate blog gives you close to your potential customers and contacts, as it goes beyond the mere commercial information that appears on your website.
  • Through your blog you can add value to your users, offering content of interest and prove useful.
  • Space your blog, unlike you use on social networks, it’s yours. While everything you do on social media is ultimately on Facebook, Twitter, etc… and could remove it at any time.
  • A blog allows you to show what they know and position yourself as an expert in the field that interests you.
  • The vitality favors blogs because it is more likely to share the contents of a blog to a website.
  • Updating a blog is more than a website and in terms of SEO a blog helps to improve our search engine rankings .

What topics we deal with in my blog

I’ve decided to start a blog for your business, but what issues we deal with in a corporate blog?

  • Within your field of activity, think about what information needs can have your customers and potential customers.
  • In each of your items do not forget to cover at least one of these three objectives: to inform, educate or entertain. If a post does not get at least one of them, not a good post.
  • Discuss progress and developments within your industry, you show up as a company to last. For example, the price comparison Cars and Car Dealers devotes their blog to discuss key developments in the sector.
  • You can also display success stories that have been conducted, interviewing satisfied with your services clients, as a sample of your work etc…

You see, the possibilities are many, it is important not to lose sight of two essential aspects:

  • Who is your audience and think from their perspective what they can provide information that interests them.
  • Maintain a constant frequency in publications. It is no use us to create a blog and we update often enough. If you have the time, knowledge or inspiration to keep a blog as required, you might like to outsource an outside firm can help you do it in the most professional at a reasonable cost.

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