How to Get Followers and Retweets When You Cast a Post

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How to Get Followers and Retweets When You Cast a Post

How to Get Followers and Retweets When You Cast a Post

Twitter is the main source of traffic for blog as well website. Almost 70% of visitors come from there. It is true that way of SEO blog should be well optimized so we are taking advantage of the full potential that we could offer search engines.

One of the keys to get followers and retweets is the quality of your content. If you work with dedication and passion will take thousands of followers to multiply your average visits via a tweet. Yet quality content guarantees you get lots of visitors on Twitter.

70% of the success post on a Twitter is promoted by title

Why are so critical titles? Blogs are not read it is scanned, a high percentage tweets are read after tetweet. These competing in the rest of the timeline to get attention. The trick is to create reusable tweets:

  • The tweet limits 120-140 characters long. For an example “RT@ tutwitter: good post”. They do not take people away who do not like automated retweet function include their own comments.
  • Invest time in creating a memorable title. The secret is to create title make comparisons and use lists.
  • The first two words are key to getting a good CTR on Twitter. According to usability studies of  our perception is limited to the first two words when analyzing texts.
  • Request retweets increases the number of considerably mentions. It’s something I’d use only in exceptional cases (eg when you need help with something) because it wears and your fans start to ignore you.
  • Change the title often time. If you realize that your tweet is ignored or if you see no click to the post. It is worth making change 30 minutes after launch the tweet. Once modified to launch test for the second time.

Seize the Twitter “prime time” for the most important tweets

Although Twitter addicts be present from rising until they sleep, there are better and worse slots to post your tweet. There are a number of applications to find the best time at the individual level. I do not use them because there is definitely the best time to do it:

  • Lanza tweets between 11-12 hours. Most of us get into Twitter when they’ve finished dinner and sit in front of the TV to relax. For India is the best time because there is a peak in the use of Twitter as leisure.
  • At 11 in the morning is the second best time to publish new posts and throw while on Twitter. The social network with Blue Bird has become a working tool that at this time has its first peak of the day.
  • At 4 pm is the third best time to post a new entry. It has become when most eating and before going into a meeting read your Twitter timeline.
  • See the Twitter primetime speaking countries. In your countries you can identify the stats in which they reside your readers. Lanza tweets to suit the best times of the most important.
  • Throw your tweet 2-3 times a day. Given that there are several peaks in the use of Twitter, it makes sense to post multiple times. Although relatively few followers see the tweet least two and three times you can change the title to avoid duplication feeling.
  • The weekend is no good time to get many visits from Twitter. Things change from 11 pm on Sunday when the community becomes to find to comment on the programs that are being tossed on TV.

Create a trusted network with other bloggers and twitterers

Growing your number of followers, retweets and blog visits accordingly grows exponentially with the quality of your connections. You are not alone on here to promote your blog. Begins To give, to receive:

  • Promote to other bloggers and twitterers. Help them to starters with Twitter and blog from time zero. The quality of the relationship will be much stronger because they remembered who helped them when nobody even knew.
  • Comment on Featured blogs in your niche. Rather than give the ball to someone’s comment on your blog and provide valuable content. Will remember you if you do it often unexpected and sometime you will mention that you exploit traffic to blog.
  • Follow people or create lists of your topic. No need to be a follower of thousands of profiles. It is enough if you identify those most suited to your own content. On the one hand you can get new followers. Also have new accounts in your timeline that you can provide quality content and generate new ideas for your own blog.
  • Seek feedback from other bloggers and receiving means with a very high probability to get a tweet. It’s something you can do in a very timely. It has to be content that the blogger to ask the opinion you really know about a subject that should interest you.

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