4 Myths about Marketing on Facebook

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4 Myths about Marketing on Facebook

4 Myths about Marketing on Facebook

There are many myths circulating on the Internet, some are about aliens invading the planet or the “end of the world”.  Just as there are several myths about social media and Facebook is the main character of the novel.

Facebook with over 1 billion users is the Social Network for “default “50% of people in the world with Internet access. No other social network approaches its level of global acceptance.

As a result, Facebook has the “power” to change the way we communicate. And in mentioning “Social Media Marketing” the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook and more followers or create an application.

With this we can see how Facebook has taken root in our lives and that has led us to believe some things that are not true and it is important to clarify:

Myth # 1 – Facebook will not change the game

An important thing to understand about social media is that they are always changing and hope that the game will not change is something that you cannot afford.

The reality is that Facebook is not accountable to anyone and will always be changing the rules until it fit your vision and commercial interests. For example:

Posting Frenzy on Facebook

Now, Facebook users are experiencing a frenzy of publications, where many people and trademarks are posting funny pictures of dogs, cats and even aliens, only to get more attention! All this due to the change of its EdgeRank algorithm.

Myth # 2 – The Facebook marketing will always be Free

Facebook is a free social networking and monetize their platform through advertising. Google+ advertising need not exhibit its users as the gold mine is Google Adwords . So Facebook is always looking for new revenue streams, as they now have shareholders to please

Myth # 3 – You’re the owner of your Account

The reality is that we are all just users, and we have to meet their conditions. Violates any rule of Facebook and you will pay the consequences … that is the reality. Example: Recently, Facebook has closed the web site “The Cool Hunter”, which counted with 700,000 followers, due to violations of copyright law.

Myth # 4 – You are the owner of content that you publish

Facebook has the largest gallery in the world, where users upload about 300 million daily photos. People consider Facebook as an online hard disk, where they can climb all the content they want but according to the terms of service of facebook, that content is not owned by its users.So make sure you keep all the photos and important files that you upload to Facebook.

Solutions to the Myths:

Should I stop my marketing on Facebook? The answer is that social networks despite their constant changes are a powerful means of marketing for your brand. So do not give up on them. Adapt.

The following 4 tips to the current Facebook status:

1-Try to post more content in your property sites

A place of your property is basically a place where you bought the domain, hosting and created the content you have

Be sure to post most of the content on your blog. It is important to create online assets.

2 – Create a mailing list

True, the emails are not as attractive as the messages on Facebook but have a particular advantage. You are the master of your list!

3 – Invest in optimizing your blog for search engines

On average, 75% of visitors to web sites are coming from free search engines!

4 – Diversify

Facebook is not the only social network. Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube are also great marketing platforms. Diversify is important that your marketing campaigns. Never put all your eggs in one basket!

In conclusion…

Are all your social marketing campaigns based on Facebook? What would you do if you lost everything you’ve been on Facebook?

It is important to know the facts about Facebook, and be cautious. Diversification can be your salvation before a sudden problem.

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