6 Tips to Create Popular Articles on Your Blog

February 16, 2013 § 2 Comments

6 Tips to Create Popular Articles on Your Blog

6 Tips to Create Popular Articles on Your Blog

You have decided to publish your business blog. The adventure of blogging starts, Your new priority is to understand how to write popular items to users. Whether you become known as an expert with qualified leads to a maximum visibility for your business or to create buzz for your online store the traffic will be your obsession.

Google can be your best ally to increase your traffic if you understand something important: The quality of content is now of paramount importance (especially for SEO / SMO). To ensure that your blog attracts many visitors every day, you need to create content that is useful, interesting and high impact. You want to give boost traffic with the help of the SEO, your content needs to want to click via social network buttons like facebook, twitter and scoop.it. So, readers to click and share your information.

Creating relevant content will be easier if you stay up to date in your field. Remember also to establish a guideline, an editorial focusing on topics of interest to your target readers.

If it sounds difficult do not worry the solution to every problem,. There are certain types of content that readers are more likely to share on social media. Enjoy this will increase your traffic and will position you as an authority in your industry.

6 types of content that will be shared

1. Blogger hunter or scoop the same combat

Talking about the news in real time can be very interesting content for your blog but for that you will be the first to speak. In this case you will gain popularity, you’ll be the one who released the info, you will become a reference in your area if you can publish information regularly preview! You are sure to be shared on Facebook , Twitter rewetted … therefore improve your blog traffic and thereby improve SEO.

2. Figures and more numbers

People like numbers and facts. Find research reports on your domain and share them on your blog. You press your articles of concrete evidence that will give the authenticity and credibility to your words. However, do not just provide lists of statistics because your readers will get lost in the numbers and they will soon get bored. These statistics are illustrations to your articles. Give your opinion on these numbers, you get involved in their presentation.

3. once upon a time...

You know the principle of Story Telling. The idea is to tell a story to present a product, a service, to illustrate the article in blog. This will allow the blogger you are to use the active narration to tell a real life case. You will share with your readers a concrete example in which they can more easily find, identify. They will enjoy reading an article that will tell a story while making a serious point. Learning while having fun is always nice. However, be careful not up too much especially if the case is the experience your customer that you took the lead and where you found the solution. While this story highlights you not that your readers will enjoy seeing you talk to your customers in terms unflattering and even less that it makes them want to become a customer.  Learn to do things by giving each a beautiful role in your story lived.

4. Life is more beautiful in pictures

You want to read pages and blog pages without image? Well your readers either. If they wanted to read texts without image they have took a good Voltaire and Maupassant . On the web your readers need more than text or they will quickly get bored … leaving for greener pastures and not recommend your blog which is a shame considering the work you have put.

Do you know the graphics? They can be created for all subjects; they are usually colorful and visually appealing. They will bring to your punch! These graphics will be more easily shared on Pinterest particular. It can even send you a lot of traffic to your website, if your graphics combines the information, originality. It could be the buzz.

5. And … Action!

Video content marketing is becoming more popular because the video you can inform and entertain viewers simultaneously. Many will prefer to watch a video instead of reading an article too long. But watch your video it should stick to the subject because the viewer can quickly stop if she did not like. Today capitalize on the attractiveness of video content for your blog stands out is a good idea not to put aside.

6. Slide Share P presentations

Your company may already be done via PowerPoint presentations, for example, why not turn them into SlideShare to publish on your blog? Create an account for your business and SlideShare upload your slideshows to share with as many items via your blog and social networks.  New forms of content are a great way to inject new content on your blog and attract new readers, increase shares on different social networks. Overall, the content you create should be relevant, useful, interesting and informative. If you follow these tips you see your blog audience grow.

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