The Four Pillars of Online Marketing If You Have a Salable Product

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The Four Pillars of Online Marketing If You Have a Salable Product

The Four Pillars of Online Marketing If You Have a Salable Product

The online and offline marketing are not so different. The four pillars that hold for the digital world also fit with slight modifications to anything that comes out of the laptop screen, mobile or computer.

We are two separate worlds seen that social networks grace everything that has an impact on the real world has an immediate echo in internet.

Your product does not always have to be technically superior to the competition. It has to be good enough and meet the basic requirements of the client. Not always the best wins but the one that gets better implemented in the heads of your target audience. Even if you have a salable product is not enough to get sales if you consider the four pillars of online marketing.

1. Trust: a client who trusts you look not only the price

Trust is the basis of all life. The rules do not change when selling products and services. Offering a competitive price can be a short-term strategy to increase sales sacrificing margin. The type of customer you attract is not seen you really care if another company makes a better offer gives the back without thinking too much. Bet on content marketing is a way to establish a basis of trust for the medium to long term purchase from you without you having to sell.

2. Happiness: you want your target audience to associate you with moments of happiness

One company that has understood this marketing concept is the Coca Cola Company. Instead of selling a strange dark drink too much sugar and happiness sell. The messages and images of your ads stand out from the rest by the positive emotions they convey. In every major event the brand is present. Happiness is what makes your target audience you I have implanted in his head.

3. Surprise: exceeds expectations and solve problems immediately

In many sectors the customer service is so improved that a client assumes the worst when it encounters a problem. No quick solution relies on the incident. In many cases you can already pleasantly surprised troubleshooting an issue immediately. Among the options that you give the client should also include money back. Few but the request will generate a positive impact and unexpected. You should not wait until a customer complains to surprise. To capture the attention of your target audience can also make use of guerrilla marketing in web 2.0 with amazing action and we want to talk.

4. Visibility: if you’re not online, you do not exist

If you still think that an online presence for your business is optional you are wrong. No matter if you use the channel to sell or solely as a showcase. 99.9% of people seeking information on products, services and companies directly or indirectly through internet. Having a website is not enough. Especially in the beginning you have to invest in campaigns to raise awareness of your offer. Do not think only in the short sale seen to sell must trace not only think about the impact.

Marketing can work miracles when to present your product. Nothing is achieved without effort and sweat because it is not enough to create a video to receive millions of views on YouTube. Viral marketing cannot plan for what you should not put all your eggs in one basket in the end depends on luck.

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