Attracting Visitors to Your Blog with Guerrilla Marketing Tactics in the Web 2.0

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Attracting Visitors with Guerrilla Marketing Tactics in the Web 2.0

Attracting Visitors with Guerrilla Marketing Tactics in the Web 2.0

The most important thing in a blog is not showing your counter. Instead of obsessing over traffic you must focus on attracting readers. However the first step is to capture the loyalty of the user to land on your blog.

Seek not only traffic but think long-term synergies Not thinking much about spikes in your Google Analytics statistics but we must be aware that the level of audience growth takes time, work and patience. If you are looking to capture views of guerrilla marketing style always do it with common sense:

Medium long term effects: an effect not only timely look that lasts a few days but that visitors try reaching you become a steady flow within months or even years.

Affinity of the source of the visit: do not focus on attracting visitors meaningless. If potential traffic volume is not akin not waste time with attempts to reach the cover

Capturing value links: though not be obsessed with the SEO does not hurt to capture some powerful links. Some tactics have made ​​this double advantage besides providing visits also help you get a medium and long term with SEO.

Provides value:  you’re results in the medium and long term also provides value through the actions presented. Otherwise you will classify as a spammer and the effects will be very limited.

7 guerrilla marketing tactics to attract visitors to your blog

Probably some tactics that I will present and are applying without having the aim of attracting visitors to your blog. As much as I tell in this blog is common sense but we know that sometimes it may cost us a little more in the application.

1. News jacking to meet new search: Google typically does not trust new blog too. The newsjacking may serve primarily to attract visits from search engines while still wearing short time. It is based on the fact that every day there is searches that did not exist yesterday. It can be related to news, events, gossip or other reasons. At first there are still related content so it is relatively easy to position as well covering one of the first of these themes.

2. External links to blogs placing third: do not be stingy with links to competition. This is true especially if you are interested in these references will provide visitors back to your own blog. Every link you put another blog author is notified in the case of using a WordPress platform by mail with a Trackback . In its management panel has the ability to approve as it does also for comments. In that case appear below the comment field now called Pingback pointing to the web that has a link. You probably already have seen in some blogs. If you focus on posts that receive much attention can capture some daily visits this.

3. Participate in forums: forums have the great advantage over social networks to be a place where people find concentrated form with niche interests similar to yours. Few visits you can make that will bring Facebook or Twitter. Can be seen that a very high affinity between the contents of your blog and what people look on the forums the conversion rate from visitor to subscriber may be higher than average you usually have normally. Share your knowledge and help the community look to attract attention and generate interest to you.

4. Partnerships Twitter: if you’ve already got a couple of months or years on Twitter and you get the “trick” you probably have some alliances. They are helping each other in the dissemination of the contents provided that one thinks that add value to their own followers. Instead of obsessing about others promote me I do the first step and support other bloggers to bring them more visitors. This way you create a kind of debt with them. Although not all of you have always paid a high percentage if you will return the favor. There are also platforms like or allowing such partnerships formalize both Twitter and Facebook.

5. Commenting on other blogs: the vast majority of blogs are looking to get feedback from your readers. Putting your contribution to a post that you liked or with which you disagree you give a little joy to the author (in my case even if you did not like or disagree). Views you can leave a link to your blog which materializes above the name or keyword you’ve inserted into the field. If the comment is deep and high quality you will get the attention of blogger and other readers. Sometimes I have to consider interests of readers better than my own post. Adding value is thus rewarded in the form of visits from people who land on your blog.

6. Post items like external author: this tactic to promote a new blog is the most popular among professional bloggers worldwide. With a blog you just throw aside your mother and your partner is not going to read one. The best way to let you know is in those sites that already have the audience you’re still looking. Typically there is great generosity to include valid links for SEO onto his blog. This way you also get an effect in the medium and long term to improve your SEO.

7. Making products and services witnessed: this advice I robbed Alex Navarro. If you read this blog often you will remember that a speaker at the “Course for bloggers” in Alicante leaving us all with your mouth open during the 60 minutes of submission. Many pages of products and services have a section with witnesses who speak of their positive experience with the company’s offer. Alex shares his experience by saying that it is relatively easy to make such proposals reach businesses that are known to change even let you put a link to your own website. The details you find below in the original post.

Most important of all tactical thinking presented in the medium and long term. which ultimately is the energy source that lets you have ever read a blog.

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Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a web development company which is specialized in  iPhone application development and  SEO services.



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