10 Tips to Be a Good Social Media Planner

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10 Tips to Be a Good Social Media Planner

10 Tips to Be a Good Social Media Planner

Well say that to be a good social media planner not enough to be an ardent fan or addicted to social networking, you need to live them and know how they work in the smallest details. This is not to say that you have to be as active user in each and every one of them, if you do not have a user experience that makes us to know both sides of the coin.

Today, A good social media planner must have extensive knowledge of the main digital tools along with have knowledge of the support area as SEO, monitoring, digital planning, data analysis, web sentiment and e-mail marketing. These areas are integrated into digital strategy. A true social media planner must study hard and not just know social networking, need not be an expert in all subjects, but have the basic knowledge of these.

Having a macro view of the situation will give them many advantages and a broader view of what is happening or might happen in this environment. It is worth noting that a single function well made, is better than many bad this, I present some tips that will help to get a better look to be excellent social media planner:

  1. Recommend that if you do not speak or understand English, one of the primes things you should do is prepare you to understand this language, as most of the tools and content are in this language and do not forget that it is also considered as the universal language business.
  2. Follow blogs and sites specializing in the field to keep up with the news and information you can be very useful. I recommend you use a RSS manager that will help you optimize your time.
  3. Not only do you focus on finding information on your country, expand your horizons and search foreign blogs on the subject. Discover what’s happening and how they are handling these approaches internationally.
  4. To stay up to date on what’s happening in the world, it is good to participate in forums and discussion groups that provide feedback and answer your questions. Try it.
  5. On the net you can find many e-books on topics that interest you, there are quite attractive titles with useful information that also are free.
  6. Not only think about online, skip the box and tries to learn more to understand both the medium and offline that will help you understand what is being done in the offline world and how they integrate various methodologies to networking social world.
  7. Try to generate content about what’s happening in social media, share what you read either in your own social networks or create a blog. Over time and further research or participating in forums, you end up being a true specialist.
  8. In the network we can find lots of information but it is always good to consider reputable sources and take courses that are related to these issues. Whether onsite or online, in order to do this is that you can expand your horizons and get a more strategic and experiential.
  9. Being always connected is important. And I mean the sense of being in the network, if not to know what they are doing for brands and agencies to be in the game. I recommend you follow them on their social networks and discover what developments are underway.
  10. And last but not least, you can always attend events in different areas that will help you generate networking with people in the middle and of course, expand your knowledge and why not, to share ideas for the future may be used by other analysts in social media like you.

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