Upgrading to Windows 8 – A Do or Don’t For My Business?

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Upgrading to Windows 8

Upgrading to Windows 8

The Window 8 update created majorly divided opinions when it was launched in October 2012. Many have found it difficult to operate, and a small survey of UK business owners found that only 1 in 8 had plans to upgrade to it in the next year.

Be prepared for some hassles and possible disappointments if you are upgrading to Windows 8. It is worth bearing in mind that if your computer is more than two years old it could struggle to support Windows 8 – even if it technically meets the basic requirements to run it.

Windows 8 works best for very recent personal computers with a touch screen function. The desktop has to be launched from the metro-style start screen, and instead of a straight-forward shut down button, this must be summoned from Microsoft’s –charm’ buttons, running down the side of the screen, choosing settings, then power, from there.

This obviously feels quite clumsy for traditional desktop users, who will have to learn where about to move their cursor on the screen to bring up the charm buttons, and is really only designed with touch screen and tablet users in mind.

Many offices will probably avoid the new Windows 8 interface, due to the metro screen style and focus on touch, making it unsuitable for most offices. Many computing tasks in the work place are better suited to mouse and keyboard than a touch screen system.

However, there are some plus points to Windows 8, and a selection of companies are happy to use it – reporting increased productivity with the introduction of Windows 8 to their work place. The metro-style screen, whilst often seen as frustrating, at least means that a uniform look, feel and tool options are possible across all devices – laptops, desktops and tablets. New internal apps can also be created by a company, providing live and up-to-date information from the start screen.

As Windows 8 is designed to work across many platforms, naturally there are some elements that aren’t suitable for the desktop. The metro system is really designed for tablets, and can be avoided when using a PC. You can unpin the apps that aren’t necessary for you, and add ones that you do use to your desktop.

Windows 8 on the right hardware can be sleek, fast and fun. There are huge security improvements on Window 7 – a plus for businesses – and a better battery life for laptops. For those that do have touch screen computers it’s obviously perfect.

Most businesses will undoubtedly avoid Windows 8 because of the time it would take workers to get used the new system. In the absence of a touch screen computer, they will have to get used to undertaking all touch screen functions with a mouse instead.

Investing in touch screen desktops would mean businesses could use Windows 8 to its full advantage, but most are unlikely to invest in new computers simply because a new operating system has become available.

Windows 8 may be inescapable if you are buying new computers for your company, and perhaps makes sense for the latest generation of hardware, and to create a uniform feel across all platforms.

It is probably advisable not to rush out and upgrade to Windows 8 for your current system however, as it isn’t a huge improvement on Windows 7, and you will probably find it more hassle for your business than it’s actually worth.

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Integrated Marketing: Combining Online and Offline World

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Integrated Marketing: Combining Online and Offline World

Integrated Marketing: Combining Online and Offline World

A major challenge for any company that wants to enter into the digital world, they have to make a plan of integrated marketing.

When planning a comprehensive marketing plan, we find some barriers such as lack of the great benefits of the Internet or the lack of congruence between what is being communicated in traditional media and digital media.

In this post we will give you key tips to ensure your company efficient integration!

Key aspects of successful integration

Target Market

Clearly define the target market is one of the cornerstones of your business. Are there differences between your target market online and offline? There are really no different audiences, the product is aimed at the same target either online or offline. Your company does not yet have a significant online clientele does not mean that your target market just buy off the Internet.

Objectives and KPIs

Upon integrating online and offline tools are very important to set goals and measure KPI’s (performance indicators) to help track the objectives. Besides thinking about results at short, medium and long term as not all the results can be achieved simultaneously.


Now knowing the market and taking into account the objectives you want to achieve, you have to define what means, strategies and actions are best to reach them. The online world has multiple tools but not all cater to all products and services in the same way, we’ll talk about them later.

You need to know how they are interacting both channels and find out what tools combine best for each product or service.

Institutional Identity

Companies continually emit messages around whether or not intentional. The corporate identity is the physical manifestation of the brand and through ​​companies to transmit their identity and demonstrators, showing it to the public.

Does your company have a brand manual? It designed the outlines of the image of a company or institution so that there is a visual coherence of your logo, stationery, local facilities, website, blog, email marketing template, etc… Everything must reflect the same message according to the objective of each piece.

Content Strategy

A major challenge for companies is to create content related to your brand that include interesting and relevant information and adapt it to your target audience.

If you want to integrate your actions offline with the online world, you must be clear that you must move from a purely commercial communication strategy of quality content or Inbound Marketing to provide value to the recipients. To properly define your content strategy, you have to know what information your customers need, what image you want to convey about your company in social media and how you will.

The traditional marketing communications cannot be used in the same way in the online world, as each channel requires a type of communication different , though, keep in mind that whenever there is a consistency between the different posts .

Allies for your Web Strategy – Website and Blog

Both your website as your corporate blog is the business card of your company on the Internet. In the first you can talk about your company, its philosophy, values, products and / or services and you can even use it as a sales channel.

Importantly, not only about how many visitors you have on your site, but you should know and know who these visitors and control their statistics on the web with various tools such as Google Analytics.

Instead, your blog can provide content of interest to your users for free and with intent to position your company as a reference of a certain industry and make your clients trust it. Furthermore, it will become the platform that will distribute new content to social networks. Also note the SEO and keywords to improve the visibility of your website and blog in the organic results of different search engines.

Social Networks

As explained above, in your content strategy have to be clear about what information your customers need to know what content to share. Besides being willing to share, listen and generate conversation that nurtures both parties. That also means being aware of what your audience has to say about you , always respond, acknowledge the comments and monitor these actions.

If your company decides to be on social networks, then you must be aware that it will be a recurring job which should designate a person to take care of it as the Community Manager. Among the greatest benefits of social networking highlights the fact be an additional channel of site visits which are qualified as well as being a tool that helps increase loyalty branding and can generate external links pointing to our site.

Social networks also influence the SEO! Lately, it has been found that the links shared via Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, etc… influence the rankings of these websites in search engines like Google. This process is called Social SEO.

Email Marketing

Currently considered that email is the most effective channel of communication that generates optimal results in online marketing activities. One of the great advantages and benefits of the Email Marketing is the ability to interact directly with your customers and prospects distributed in any geographic location and the ability to segment your target to increase the effectiveness of your actions saving time and costs.

Besides the Email Marketing Power your actions on social networks in the same way that generates more traffic to your website and blog. For good email marketing campaign will need to set the objectives of each campaign, the target market to which you will address, the send and tools or reports to measure results and optimize your strategy .

We hope that this guide will serve to take your first steps on your comprehensive marketing strategy. Want to contribute some ideas that have worked in your company? We want to hear your experiences.

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Effective Personalization And Localization For SEO

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Effective Personalization And Localization For SEO

Effective Personalization And Localization For SEO

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization arena is a competitive one. SEO is focused on having a website ranked among the top on search engines anywhere in the World Wide Web. There are several SEO methodologies and tactics, personalization and localization search tools are two of which SEO can be done through.

Personalization is a tool that is determined based on the search patterns of the users; search engines are able to identify and differentiate user requirements through their search usage. There are several patterns that they will pick on which are as given below, Location based personalization – Your IP easily gives away where you are located when you make a search query. If you are looking for a Chinese takeout in New York, you’d probably be searching for a place close to your radius.

Personalisation based on the interface – Search engines are able to serve you results based on the interface you are using. If you are using a smart phone to look for a bus terminal in a particular area, they could reorganize the results based on the location.

Personalization based on the time of making a search query – your searches may vary from the time of day. During office hours you may search only for work related queries or rather more professional ones. But at home after work, you will be interested in different information.

Individual user behavior – this aims to serve your personalized results based on you past actions online. If you go to a particular site and abandon it soon or stay on it for a long period may determine whether the website is a better match or not.

Similar to personalization, content that is specific to a particular geography or localized content is an important aspect in SEO. When a search is performed on popular search engines the results are significantly based on your location. If you search for furniture shops in California the results will be different if you do it in Chicago.

In order to successfully implement SEO to your website make sure that you use the correct content and link connectivity that gives the proper signals to the search engines. There are several ways you can do that, Create content that is relevant for local searches – Make sure that you create content that is specific to a geographical area be it state, city or town level building dedicated pages for these audiences.

Local Link Connectivity

After creating content that is relevant to the locations you are targeting, you must create link creativity to the particular pages from the websites related to those locations.

Through the execution of local SEO campaigns you will let the search engines know that you’re one of the best resources on the internet users for these locations and interested in the topics related to your website.

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3 Recommendations to Execute Your Social Media Strategy

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3 Recommendations to Execute Your Social Media Strategy

3 Recommendations to Execute Your Social Media Strategy

Perform irrelevant publications, not do it for long periods of time, interacting with users, among other issues, are some of the most common mistakes committed social networking community managers of companies.

To avoid falling into these and many other errors in marketing in social networks, we give the following recommendations.

1. Poses a strategy

When planning a strategy, you should set important points as goals you hope to achieve; you will spend time on social networking and resource management, whether economic or human. Remember that you cannot find the success if not set goals.

While it is true that the plans do not always go as you expect, they are a good indicator that will help you improve every strategy in the future, letting you know that you can avoid errors in the next seasons.

2. Fire up your plan. Interact!

Social networks allow you to share information immediately with everyone and offer the possibility of you resolve questions and interact with your customers or potential buyers instantly.

Take this advantage trying to build a healthy relationship with buyers, so increments trust your brand and your products, attracting more and more followers to your company.

A Facebook users do not mind constantly publications deals, remember to share content from other users and other companies projecting a good image of you, no clutch, can occasionally disclose truly important promotions and coupons offered.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, most users spend 40% of their time reviewing, learning, and “listening” to what others have to say about some products. Take this for your company, your brand new features, resolves doubts of your customers in a clear and concise manner.

It is a fact that a good strategy is not based only on interaction with users or disclosure. Employs various formats to do so, you can use banners, images, podcasts, online games, computer graphics, etc…

3. Analyzes results

You can analyze the results you achieved with the strategy, considering the return on investment (ROI) by reviewing some metrics:

  • Increased online community: Number of new followers on social networks.
  • Sell ​​your products: Number of sales made in response to your strategy.
  • Community loyalty: Number of users who have participated, if a contest or sweepstakes would be the number of participants, if a promotion the number of people who have used it.

A poorly planned strategy, or even having a definite plan for social networks can lead to a lack of control of data, erroneous publications and not knowing if your actions are positive or negative. Maybe things do not go as expected, but the best way to make appropriate adjustments in the testing strategy is trial and error.

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How to Build Back links To Improve The Visitors For The Website

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How to Build Back links To Improve The Visitors For The Website

How to Build Back links To Improve The Visitors For The Website

How to Build Backlinks to improve the visitors for the website – The search engine optimization is the technique of increasing the traffic on the particular website. The people will view the first two pages of the search engine results to get their answer so the other pages will be ignored by them so it is so important to increase the page rank in the search engine results. The customer reviews should be higher wins the particular website to be recognized by the search engine as the most viewed websites.

The back link creation is another way to increase the traffic on the website in which the there will more links provided in the website providing the navigation within the website. The internal links in blogs, articles will create more attention among the people to increase the traffic on the particular site. The social network site sometimes has no follow tags in order to prevent the creation of the backlinks. The no follow tag allows the people to ignore the backlinks from the particular site. There are algorithms to notice the website that breaks the rules made by search engines to increase the traffic.

The backlinks can be exchanged with the number of websites in which the one website will refer to another website and vice versa is the reciprocal back link giving answers on how to build back links. The controversial titles will get more attention of the people so they will often click the links provided in the website to get the traffic.

The people who are writing the blogs can provide the back links to their site in order to increase the number of views for the site. The backlinks will be noticed when the user searches a keyword related to the website or the back links. The website owner should know how to build backlinks the social networking site to get more views for your website and if the people find your website as useful then they will share on their friend’s wall likewise the website will get more popular. The index of the website is more important so the people who are visiting your site will easily navigate to the relevant topic on the website. The attractive videos on the website will be most viewed by the visitors’ because the visual representation always attracts than the textual representation. The company should have the blog on their website to provide the complete information about the products and services and the company highlights the discounts they are offering so the people will get interest to view the website.

The company should offer guest blogging on their website to get more popularity and to get page rank easily. The website of the company will explain about how to build backlinks that should be easily understandable and should be attractive that every person who is visiting the website will like it. The search engine loves back links so the search engine should find the website of the company when it is searched by the keyword relevant to the link and it will analyze for the perfect backlink. The people can get the answer for the question about how to build back links on the website.

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Ever Heard Of Social Media SEO?

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Ever Heard Of Social Media SEO

Ever Heard Of Social Media SEO

The social networks are not only used to share content that you like. Also positively impact the ranking of the pages of your website. Learn more about how social media influences the search engine optimization of your site by reading the following post.

As in the real world, the virtual world is not all black or white, is defined by nuance, diversity and mixed situations. Situations that seem opposite but are actually complementary to each other. Let’s look at this a little more in depth.

Social Media: the perfect partner for your Website

The emergence of social media and fears generated controversy in some quarters. For example, some time ago there was talk that social networks dethrone the email marketing making it disappear when in fact both tools finished integrating and enriching from communication efforts.

Contrary to what was thought also, social networks and positioning of our website in the search engines are not two activities that run in different ways but are two rails of the same channel.

Lately, it has been shown that our social activity, links shared via Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, etc. not only gives us exposure but influences such websites rankings in search engines like Google. This process is called Social SEO.

How does the Social Impact SEO?

Maximize Visibility

Share new links with relevant content in any of the social networks where we connect with our target market encouraging them visible to the public to interact with us.

Indexing Accelerates

Social exposure through tweets, likes Google+, Twitter etc… influences the speed at which Google indexes the link, i.e. registers and thus begins to appear in related search results.

Improves SEO

Some social networks have direct impact on the SEO of our site. For example Pinterest and Google + links provide follow. This basically tells Google that should follow that link when analyzing the pages of our website as well as that link to directly impacts on our position in search results.

In turn, the number of followers you have and the people we share our content is also a positive indicator for Google.

Are the links nofollow worthless? Of course you do! While it will not directly affect our ranking, these links affect the authority of our web site, indexing favor of that page and maximize your visibility to our audience.

Also, sites that maintain a balance between links follow and no follow are viewed more favorably than those who are obsessed with getting only follow links.

Keys to consider for your Social SEO strategy

Strategic Thinking

First of all, your actions of Social SEO should be strategically designed. Establishes a systematic procedure that is shared by all members of the organization, governed by the person or persons responsible for online communication and monitored by the online marketing team to measure results.

Also be sure to use the tone right with your corporate image and analyze the ideal time to share such content.

Share, share and do not forget to share

You published a new post? Your blog or a new page on your website? Share them with your community on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn!.

If you include attractive images, share them on Pinterest . Make sure it is relevant, use the tone and timing appropriate to each social network and encourages audience interaction .

Forest View

Do not obsess. As we began by saying, the Social SEO should be thought of as just part of the process. Not replace but complements the other activities that make your marketing strategy and online communication. Try to integrate it with the rest of the tasks and you will ensure excellent results!

Now you are ready to implement these tips. Have you already implemented the Social SEO as part of your strategy? Tell us how it has turned!

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Tips and Tricks For How Pay Per Click Programs Makes Money

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Tips and Tricks For How Pay Per Click Programs Makes Money

Tips and Tricks For How Pay Per Click Programs Makes Money

How pay per click programs makes money – Pay per click is also called as cost per click in which it is an internet advertising model used for the purpose to direct traffic to websites. And this will help to advertise the products sites when the users click on the ads in which advertisers pay the publisher.

In simple it is denoted as the amount to get an advertisement clicked is known as pay per click. And the advertisers are typically bid on the keyword phrases in which it is relevant to their target market with the help of search engines. The content sites are commonly charging a fixed price per click in which it is rather than the use of bidding system. So some of the business people aren’t known how pay per click programs makes money from their sites. Each and every time someone clicks on the link in which it takes some amount of money regarding about the sites. Generally the sites are taking some amount of money those who are all click on the sites. By this way the sites are making money for their website earns. Using the internet to advertise the products and services it is not only the extremely effective and it is very competitive. When the site is getting more traffic by click than it automatically takes the amount from the use. And there are many options are under this to getting a traffic to a website. Because of the sites are needed to get a ranking among all the sites in which it will help higher mark to the relative sites. So the people are trying to do the reaching of site among all the other sites.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of the use of this How pay per click programs make money in which it causes the problem of bidding the pages. Whether the use of this site it will get effective money for the use of pay per click on the sites. And one of the biggest advantages is the people are does not have to tweak the web pages to adjust position in the search engines.

This all is based on how much the bidding and how well the page converts during pay per click. And this PPC implements affiliate model program for link pages which provides purchase opportunities wherever the people may be surfing. Depending on the use of sites it will take money according to the terms of uses on sites.

The highest bidder gets the higher position in search results and this all takes some simple math to determine how pay per click programs make money for the related sites. Based on the position of the uses in websites it will take some more popular keywords what the people are bidding on the higher the bids tend to be. The most important thing in this How pay per click programs make money is the bid under 25 cents will be profitable and the lower can bid and retain good position the greater the return on investment (ROI). And the keyword research in the market will targeting is the best key to pay per click to make success.

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