A Blog Is Not Monetized, Is Valued

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A Blog Is Not Monetized, Is Valued

A Blog Is Not Monetized, Is Valued

Internet is a channel not to earn money quickly. Miracles do not exist to get to fulfill your dreams, you have to work hard, think and long term act.

Do not worry too much about monetization until you’ve invested months of work by generating a minimum of 100-300 posts. Even these quantitative data do not serve too to see if it’s a good time to start looking for a financial return from your activity as a blogger.

Google starts to trust you over time

Google works like a faucet does not trust anyone. Besides, I know from experience that 99% of us at some point do a trick to go faster than allowed. The temptation is initially so high that cannot be practically avoided. That is why a blog is often quoted better at selling if it takes several years for Google indexing.

Creating quality content as a result of post frequently

With the frequency and number of posts published improves quality. Those bloggers who argue that it is better to write a few articles but these are quality not take into account the factor of practice. Indulging occasionally create an entry that does not deserve the Nobel Prize is a way to improve the skills of blogging like when a runner has days where he trains only 10 kilometers to prepare a marathon of 42 kilometers. Another relevant factor is that the blogger limits itself judge and accused of being his own creations. Allow visitors to your blog that values ​​your content because in most cases a post that may seem to you might like to lose readers. If there are many entries valued positively by users in a blog, is getting more value. Therefore get more links because the contents are recommended third party blogs.

Convert visitors into readers is what gives value to a blog

The vast majority of beginner bloggers are obsessed with visitors. It is true that the second case from an external point of view can be considered more “sexy”. When the blogger mountaineer reached after a long time the top instead receive the deserved recognition. The surfer however still cannot find the perfect wave and leaves so frustrated because he realizes I was looking for something that does not exist.

The most important thing to convert a visitor into a reader is not an impact but trace. A swipe is not enough because tomorrow we have forgotten the name of the blog you’ve read a post that we liked. It is reaching the same visitor several times and consistently generate a positive feeling. That’s when you start to create expectations about future content creation. With this evolution step into the field of user interaction with your content to “follow” that gives you the maximum ROI. When your blog starts getting monetization value is a consequence that comes naturally. You realize that you contact advertisers because they are interested in your blog out.

A blog is like a good wine. You need time to get the best. Some things you cannot accelerate. Do not settle for the few euros it gives monetizing a blog at first. There will come a time when advertisers will provide a benefit you more attractive than 3 clicks on ads.

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