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As the globalization has started the new era and new trend has set in the business or services world. People became very conscious about their timings. Everybody wants ease comfort and speed accessible service now-a-days because we all believe “Money is equal to time”. So the gadgets came in existent small handy gadgets which anybody anywhere can carry everywhere, but only the loophole in the initial stage was only that these mobile were just coming with normal services. Day-by-day changes has made mistakes were solved and smart phone came in the market. In the initial stage smart phones were very complicated to use and was not user friendly. But again with R & D Google came with latest, user friendly and open source mobile OS “Android”.

Android, a Linux based Operating System’s popularity has been on a steep rise over the past few years of its market existence. This platform currently has over 600,000 Premium Applications built to meet user specifications. Perhaps this and other factors add up to the benefits of Android OS when it comes to application usage. The benefits of Android OS are numerous and as a matter of fact they will definitely continue to rise in future as well. Having been launched in 2007, Android OS has been stepped up in terms of its improvement with each version getting better in comparison to its predecessor.

Android OS is the latest platform and its share in the market is growing at a rapid pace. Android devices have got a tremendous response from the users. One of the most important features of Android is the integration of other Google products and services into the platform. Devices based on Android OS lets user synchronize the Google account with the device thus letting user an easy access to Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Maps and Google Docs etc.

Android OS is known for its ability to run Multiple Apps at the same time. It is a seamless experience running many tasks at the same time with Android Devices. The App Store concept makes it easier for the users to use software ranging from games to office applications without wandering throughout the internet. Another benefit of this Open Market Place is its ability to synchronize with the phone in such cases where devices may be changed. Google play is also able to sense the type of Android OS version being run by the device thereby fetching only those applications that are compatible to the device. This benefits the user as there is no time wastage through generalized market search.

So why don’t you also opt the Android apps which is very beneficial for you for marketing your products or services.

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