9 Keys to Defining Your Personal Brand

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9 Keys to Defining Your Personal Brand

9 Keys to Defining Your Personal Brand

The personal branding is primarily for professional freelancer and job seekers. Although we should not any rule how investing it can be for any professional seeking to develop in its sector.

Communicate is important to consistency with anything that represents us  as s professional and as a person. In a world where the line between the personal self and professional self is increasingly blurred everything in the network.  For an example, When you work as a marketing consultant In the subway agency, Your eyes always read article even on Sunday about trends in social networks insights that surround us at all times can be improvement or solution to professional problem. All that we share in the networks that helps draw our personal brand.

Let us order the points that we should try to create a strong and different and credible personal brand.


Like any marketing project it is vital to do some research to start the cart before the horse.  You have to knowing why yourself well, be clear about where you want to go, what are the strengths and weakness. Building a personal brand should have through this self analysis research. You have to make a self-criticism and whether you have the skills to carry out the work. Oscar Wilde said that “only the surface to get to know themselves,” however, we can paint a domestic scenario”.

This first phase of research also involves an external analysis. The implication meet opinion leaders, see all the networks where they are present, see how they communicate, what their contacts, fans, followers and who follow. You can use many tools to conduct an investigation of the social networking profiles with more influence as themes or sectors.

So I encourage you to realize a SWOT to help visualize the scene, both internally and externally, so that in this way you may see what you can provide, improve or exploit yourself.


How important it is to find that point that no one yet been employed in the sector and start working to be the first to get a place.

With that discovery of self and seeing where we position ourselves, we can set targets of all kinds, in addition to defining our mission, which is the way that justifies all actions we take to define your personal brand.


In all sectors, or distinguish ourselves or our days are numbered. For that we must look for what our “spark”, what makes us special, and exploit it. A blogger who spreads tutorials and tips on makeup, fashion, health, wellness, nutrition, among other things and you never get to have imagined the impact it has achieved precisely differentiate and address the audience in a one on one with a very natural, which makes many women are reflected in it. A line of communication with which never before worked with such closeness and success to that audience.


In the network, but in the life, everything is end. So to be able to defend everything we do in peace and security be honest in generating your own content and interaction with others. We have to consider what the values that convey with my content are and be themselves you deal with everyday. An essential value in the network is the ability to share. It is rich of each other of the whole community.
The key point of all this is the connection between people with the same interest and complementary interests, therefore share and cooperate flag has the values for a career in social networks. Of course not forgetting those other great values that accompany any professional such as sincerity, authencity, reliability and dependability.

Consistency – Credibility

When analyzing personal brands, we do so with a clear focus, consistency. Therefore it is important to know what our position from the beginning and be clear about our values. When it does not, sings a lot. In the network everything is recorded and if we are not consistent, the fingerprint can leave evidence on occasion, which is associated with a lack of credibility automatically.


The network offers many formats to present: from bio spaces in social networks which describe to videos that make storytelling, computer graphics or a current trend. it may be interesting to work out our personal communication and achieve a differentiated and creative brand.


The image expresses itself. It’s the first thing we see when we enter any social network. It is important that the profile picture is always the same in all networks to be reminded and easily recognize when we interact with others.

All forms and formats have their place, it all depends on what you want to convey. But as we have experienced, every social network gives us the ability to use more than one image to our graphic composition of the profile, so we have the opportunity to complete our brand image with more elements than the profile picture. The background on twitter or Facebook header also transmitted, so that we will have to work them. For technical questions about the images of each social network, we recommend  this info graphic very explanatory.


And if we feel we obviously have to be where something interesting to talk about our personal brand and we have to do. If we do not see us, we do not exist. To achieve this we can create a blog and collaborate with other blogs. We have to think that if we have a greater public visibility. But to get the king of visibility, i.e. Google, positions us as we seek depends largely on our work.

Measuring Results

Like any business strategy, online marketing and more in the developed to create a personal brand is not room for improvement unless the results are measured. The information you provide social networks to evaluate our personal brand strategy is just as high and so are the tools and applications that currently exist.

Working on personal brand is set long-term goals, a period in which we invest in ourselves. 2.0. The personal brand is a channel for visibility and to strengthen our position but a comprehensive strategy comes on the heels of the combination of the channel on / off line. To complete the process should for example, attend events. The stronger our personal brand will last longer, and if we spread conveniently be easily located. Only a few people seriously invest in their personal brand, which offers significant opportunities.

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