Is Face-book fan page is essential?

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Face-book fan page is essential

Face-book fan page is essential

Face-book today’s trend setter or we say that a part of individuals life and business. If we ask anyone about face-book everyone is about this particular social site. Over 800 million active users are there on face-book around the world. So in this article we will discuss certain points regarding how you can use your face-book fan page for gathering traffic and more engaged user towards your business or services.

Now we will study the 10 following tips which will increase your visibility of your face-book fan page:

  1. Give the people who “like” you a reason to keep coming back. Keep people updated on projects or share coverage of events with photos and captions. Create photo albums is a must. Do this on regular basis.
  2.  Provide frequent posts or updates. Posting a new message on your company wall twice a week is a good practice. You can post messages of articles your company executives have written or appeared in. You can link to video clips of news coverage obtained about your products.
  3. Offer special deals through your fan page. Viewers of your page must be able to count on new information to make them want to visit your page. Offering a special or incentive is much easier when you are selling a product.
  4. Upload photos. Tag people in photos. By tagging the people who appear in the photos you quickly gain report with the individuals. They will share with their friends on their wall and, you will gain new likes for your company’s fan page.
  5.  Write strong photo descriptions. When adding photos, be sure to write a complete description so that others can more easily follow the story you are trying to tell.
  6.  Make a list of your important business contacts. Email those contacts and ask them to “like” the page.
  7. When appropriate, draft an e-alert. When you’re following a special project on your page, send an e-alert to your contact list, share brief information about the project, provide links to media articles concerning the project and ask the recipients to “like” your page.
  8. Share your story. Share the information on your page with other organizations and businesses that share your mission.
  9. Say thanks. This is especially helpful if your company is involved in a fundraising project or effort for a nonprofit organization. Thank people who have helped with your projects or missions. And thank publications and reporters for reporting stories concerning your project.
  10. Find ways to help. For e.g. work and promote for donation so by this also you will get some new likes too.

Follow these 10 simple steps and feel the change on your face-book fan page. This is essential because online marketing is more preferable now-a-days around people.

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