Prepare Content: A Crucial Step In The Creation Of A Website!

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Prepare Content: A Crucial Step In The Creation Of A Website!

Prepare Content: A Crucial Step In The Creation Of A Website!

Here is a step that is often underestimated in the process of designing a new website. But before we go any further, a little reminder: what do us measure the value of a website? Answer: its content!

From experience, when an advertiser entrusts the attainment of its website to an agency, he thinks the ball is in the camp of the provider and there is more … but wait. The reality is quite different, making a website is the result of close collaboration between the customer and the agency. The agency may be specialized in web development in e-marketing in SEO. It is up to him to define what content he wants and how he wants to distribute the broadcast. It is therefore up to him to make the raw material of his site: texts, images and media. The agency can obviously work the tone and writing style but it cannot create content from scratch.

What is the content?

On a website, the content is used to:

  • Provide information relevant to the original user.
  • Present your company, your products and services.
  • Call to action ( call to action ) purchase, making contacts , download …
  • Acquire new visitors
  • Retain your audience to make your traffic recurring
  • You stand out from the competition
  • Position the site engines search

How to prepare its contents?

To prepare its content in the best conditions, it is necessary to have a clear view of their organization in the site. That is why we recommend you to first consider the tree of your website. Once the tree is validated, you can prepare the media and editorial content for each page of your website. You can integrate this content into the tool of your choice (the one you’re most comfortable with): Word, Excel, and Google Docs. Think organize your content based on file (a. eg doc) by at least a page or file menu.

There is no need to start putting the contents page before incorporating them into your website. Once in the text editor of the website, you would unfortunately have to start over. Prepare content so gross and finalize the layout directly on your website.

Contents are important lines

According to the goals you set, other steps can follow up your online content.

In the context of work on SEO, it will be necessary, for example to optimize your content on several levels: intelligence metadata, internal mesh, highlighted important terms, and information tags “Alt” media.

If your content is mainly composed of news, you should consider board from time to time on the pages to put your news update: a news can be supplemented, corrected and annotated well after the date of on-line (Google recommends Besides performing the work of updating content).

If your content is open to feedback from users, it is very important to continue feeding your pages responding to published comments.

You will understand, post a website cannot be improvised and the first question you should ask yourself is: “What I have to say to users. Your agency will do everything in its power to bring to your site a graphic envelope effective and functional but if your content is not up to par, you will not be able to achieve the goals that you will set.

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Written by Vishal Shah, His writings are useful to everyone, from a large scale business to a small niche company. He is currently working for a web development company which is in specialized iPhone application development.


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