Content as the Center of Your Online Strategy

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Content as the Center of Your Online Strategy

Content as the Center of Your Online Strategy

“Content Is king” it is the new wave of marketing, is the reality of web world and the importance of its that people becoming more adept at finding information on products, services, companies, projects etc…by using your favorite search engine.

If you really want to attend and online marketing strategy that generates results, you must commit to build the center of your content strategy. But be careful! It is not content to generate crazy! It is about developing content for the consumer needs, looking, and bringing it ever closer to our products and / or services.

So I recommend you write from two perspectives: Content to educate about your business and content that builds trust.

Content that Educates: Help your market to understand what you do, why they do and how. Be generous, open and share what you know will bring greater value, references and reputation jealously guard the secrets of your experience.

Similarly explain in detail what you do or what your product will help people to be safer to want to consume.

For this I recommend that part of your content strategy is aimed to share your experience and knowledge about your business, product or service. I leave you some ideas of how to do it:

Seminars:  Nowadays people seek rapid, simple and practical to help them do u find what they want. Conferences, Webinars, Seminars, Courses, both off and online are a great tool to educate the market and generate engagement.

Tell your story. Every business should have a document explaining its history, not in a monotone or corporate, nobody reads those stories, I mean a well described story of the challenges taken. Your story can learn the market what kind of person you are or brand.

FAQ. Some people need to know specific details of your company or product you provide, and I repeat no matter the size or rotation of your SME this section is invaluable to your web strategy.

Success Stories. Builds powerful examples of current customers, describe its challenges and how you contributed to achieving results. These cases help people learn about your business, products or services. Make your prospectus clearance limit on them!

Content that builds trust: Sell ​​or promote via online represents the challenge of how to win the trust of thousands of people who do not know me, I’ve never seen and may not even have heard of me before.

Blog. Builds and amplify content. The “search engines” love fresh content and systematic. It is also a very natural way to generate value and confidence of your market by writing what they can know your level of experience, your vision and your way of working.

Social Media. Analyzes networks where the market is generating a plan and start working on them. It also takes into account enrolling in other communities that go to your market and enjoy high reputation: magazines, news groups, forums, hashtags, etc… The social media strategy is to generate “Connection” and strategies “pull”.

Comments (Reviews). Join the game as the recommendations on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Foursquare. Comment on professional forums, actually participating in groups within Linkedin. Visit Blogs recognized and leave your comments. This is hard to follow but exactly going generating reputation over networks, besides going building communities.

Testimonials. Depending on your business and customers can type them in text, video or audio. This content brings a lot to the confidence of your brand.

All these elements must be incorporated into your online marketing plan with a process to create, update and amplify. Today every business must be in the content business.

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