RIM Assures Developers about More Tools and More Freedom

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RIM assures developers about more tools and more freedom

RIM assures developers about more tools and more freedom

A major reason for Research In Motions’ devices being better protected from things such as spy software for Blackberry devices is the covert manner in which it came to life. It was harder for hackers and attackers to develop spy software for Blackberry devices as they did not know clearly how the operating system functioned. Though that system didn’t work for too long and today Blackberry finds that it has been left behind in the very race that it started. When Microsoft made the move from the DOS system to the more GUI based Windows system it too had to face problems, some of which were computer spy software. Apple, the only other major competitor Microsoft had, also took a new start with the Mac OS X though they had problems other than computer spy software and pests of that kind. Today Blackberry is the one making the move to a newer, better operating system and while doing so it is making sure things are as comfortable as possible for the developers it has.

RIM promises that developers no longer have to sign the agreement before getting access to developer tools, or have to struggle through many of the security hurdles which were in place in the past. Rather this time around the Canadian smart phone firm states that there will be a greater degree of open source work and more openness in general to the platform. Developers can choose from a number of ways to approach the system, depending on which ever suits them best. Tools will now be handed out freely and developers can download tools themselves together with device simulators to test apps on and familiarize themselves with. These issues, among other concerns, were discussed during the Blackberry America’s Jam event with developers and other stakeholders. It seems that the new Blackberry interface as well as the environment at RIM and the style of work, will all receive some major changes.

According to officials from RIM, it is very difficult for the firm to hold on to Blackberry developers who have been working on the platform from a long a time. The fact is that these developers may not have seen these changes coming towards RIM, however how long could have Java survived? After all there is only so much that can done using that medium and smart phones and mobile devices of this day and age demand much more. As Blackberry 10 now heads towards C++ and C, seasoned Blackberry developers appear to be reluctant to go with the flow, and it is not that easy to find new developers.

At the Jam event RIM also went on to disclose many of the new additions and changes which are being made and implemented across the firm. Soon this October Blackberry’s new app store will be functional meaning that developers have an outlet specifically for their creations. Not only will there be a dedicated outlet for the apps which are made, but developers are granted even more flexibility in terms of having a number of options through which they can choose to join the Blackberry 10 workforce. There is no longer a rigid, one way system, now there will be developers working with HTML 5 together with C++ developers all together trying to create a better platform. The Blackberry 10 will stretch out to not only a much bigger consumer crowd but will also be hospitable to a much more diverse developers’ team. However RIM has not forgotten that its main focus is corporate clients and to them they will still cater in the form of even better services and apps than before.

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