Why Do We Need An Expert In SEO?

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Why Do We Need An Expert In SEO

Why Do We Need An Expert In SEO

Internet marketing has been gaining prominence for quite some time now.  Moreover, with the increasing trend of online shopping and online marketing, internet marketing of websites and blogs has become even more significant.  But internet marketing of goods and services is very much dependent on the visibility of the website in the search engine pages.  As a general trend people search for products and services in the search engine, most often Google.  They click on links that appear in the first page and rarely go the successive pages.  Moreover, the higher up your website in the first page of search result the more attention it gets.  But getting your website in the first page and that too amongst the higher few is a trick that only an SEO expert can employ.

Who are SEO experts

They are people who analyze all the facets of your website and modify it according to requirements so that it can rank higher in search engine results.

Functions of an expert in SEO

They are adept at optimization of the website, both onsite and offsite.

Onsite optimization includes optimizing

  • The title tag – it is one of the most important components of optimizing a website.  An expert will include the keyword or keyphrase in the title tag.
  • The meta description – which stands for the description of the page.  An expert in SEO will invariably try to make the meta description a compelling one and include the keyword in it.
  • Heading tag – A catchy heading in line with the content is very important for indexing of the page by search engines.  There should also be subheadings.
  • Text – the search engine will index your website in the search results basing on the content of your website more so after the release of panda update of google.  So content is very important demands due importance while optimizing.  The content should be interspersed with the key word or key phrase.
  • Internal links – link building is a very important tactic used by an expert in SEO.  The link should be in consonance with the test so that visitors have a premonition about what is to expected in the website that they are being directed to.
  • Images – Images should go with the content.

Offsite optimization

In these days of competition only an expert onsite optimization cannot guarantee top slot for your website in the search engine results. You need to promote your websites in  different websites, blogs, forums, social networking sites etc.  Optimization techniques adopted outside the website are known as offsite optimization.

Offsite optimization techniques to be adopted include the following:

  • Link building in a friendly or affiliate marketing website or blog.
  • Directory submission
  • Commenting and posting on blogs, different consumer fora and social networking sites for building popularity about the goods and services offered in the website.
  • Submitting articles about the product and services.
  • Press release.

While the above mentioned methods are highly important, there are also other ways to fine-tune your search engine optimization strategy. Various things like the meta-tags in the HTML code, XML sitemaps and even image optimization can help in further increasing your chances of appearing at the very top of SERPs (search engine result pages).

Probably the most important aspect of SEO are the keywords. Keywords are simply those terms or phrases which are commonly used by your target audience for searching for the services which you provide. If the keywords are present in the text of your website, it will appear on search results. While keywords are highly important on your website and blog, they can also be used while submitting articles to article directories and diverting traffic through links.

So, if you wish to stay in the cut-throat competition, it is highly advisable to hire an expert in SEO for optimizing and promoting your website.

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