10 Reasons Not To Do Social Media Marketing

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10 Reasons Not To Do Social Media Marketing

10 Reasons Not To Do Social Media Marketing

Everyone talks about being on social media: Facebook, Twitter and many companies believe in what “everybody says” venture into these media without strategy, without knowledge of them, indeed, without even being convinced of their effectiveness.

Therefore I wish to speak a few reasons to consider before venturing into work in social media marketing.

1. Your business is not ready. Not have a real product or service tested. You have not updated or website in years. You have goals and marketing objectives. Social media should be to the end of this list, do not start before you have clearly defined your market, your product and marketing strategies.

2. Looking for a short-term solution. It abounds in SMEs, all want immediate results and social media are not. For best results it requires hard work, time and perseverance. Who sells them immediate results the truth is that they are cheating.

3. Your boss does not believe in them. Consultant as SMEs does not know how many times I’ve seen this, and the truth is that 80% of the time it ends badly. If your boss is not aware and convinced of the importance and relevance of the media in their marketing strategy and brand, the truth is that as much as you like and be good at social media does not have the support necessary to achieve results. Start by convincing your boss before.

4. Want to directly impact the ROI (Return on Investment). The reality is that it will impact, but not necessarily directly. Social media, like personal relationships require time and confidence. Example: I follow on Twitter and you go to one of my post on my blog, you like and sign. They spend two months and want to use a Facebook strategy for your company, I want and start following me on Facebook. Spend a month and you realize you need assistance for your business: you’re ready to buy. Getting to spend time shopping in which we know virtually and confidence starts to grow. The times differ depending on the brand, the product, positioning, location. But the reality is that the decision-making process and the factors that influence the final decision can be varied. You should not expect that only social media are directly responsible for your ROI unless your products are 100% online.

5. Your employees do not believe in them. Managing social media in a company involves the active participation of them, either by providing valuable content, creating online reputation or simply assisting in the operation thereof, in one or another way in any marketing strategy is essential that your staff is agreed on what you are doing. In many companies managers and executives still think their support in these media is a waste of your valuable time and your boss’s whim. If this is the case, before starting convince your staff.

6. Do not want to generate content. If you do not like or do not have who generate content: articles, news, search, recommendations, videos, pictures, etc… The truth is that not to get into social media because they are channels to share content. Once you start it is fatal not continue or worse that what you post is just advertising your brand.

7. Do not like change. Forget! Social media is constantly changing all the time, applications and platforms too. You must learn to keep pace and stay updated permanently. Yesterday was the coolest blogs, video marketing is today and tomorrow is the geolocation and mobile marketing. And in this race you cannot go down without losing face.

8. No time. Its work in social media takes time and quality time. I’m not saying that it should be yours, but if someone should be.

9. You have no budget for social media. There are many applications and platforms that can simplificarte work and have cost even lower. Imagine that you deliver the best master builder cement; bricks and tool.

10. Do not want to give your experience. This is so common, social media lead us to a new way of thinking. “Do you want to post on a blog how to make a marketing plan?”Many companies still have this mentality, but the reality is that if you share an important part of your experience and knowledge (know-how) you will not be sharing valuable content and you cannot show people who you are and why they should hire you or buy, do not you think?

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