3 Recommendations to Execute Your Social Media Strategy

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3 Recommendations to Execute Your Social Media Strategy

3 Recommendations to Execute Your Social Media Strategy

Perform irrelevant publications, not do it for long periods of time, interacting with users, among other issues, are some of the most common mistakes committed social networking community managers of companies.

To avoid falling into these and many other errors in marketing in social networks, we give the following recommendations.

1. Poses a strategy

When planning a strategy, you should set important points as goals you hope to achieve; you will spend time on social networking and resource management, whether economic or human. Remember that you cannot find the success if not set goals.

While it is true that the plans do not always go as you expect, they are a good indicator that will help you improve every strategy in the future, letting you know that you can avoid errors in the next seasons.

2. Fire up your plan. Interact!

Social networks allow you to share information immediately with everyone and offer the possibility of you resolve questions and interact with your customers or potential buyers instantly.

Take this advantage trying to build a healthy relationship with buyers, so increments trust your brand and your products, attracting more and more followers to your company.

A Facebook users do not mind constantly publications deals, remember to share content from other users and other companies projecting a good image of you, no clutch, can occasionally disclose truly important promotions and coupons offered.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, most users spend 40% of their time reviewing, learning, and “listening” to what others have to say about some products. Take this for your company, your brand new features, resolves doubts of your customers in a clear and concise manner.

It is a fact that a good strategy is not based only on interaction with users or disclosure. Employs various formats to do so, you can use banners, images, podcasts, online games, computer graphics, etc…

3. Analyzes results

You can analyze the results you achieved with the strategy, considering the return on investment (ROI) by reviewing some metrics:

  • Increased online community: Number of new followers on social networks.
  • Sell ​​your products: Number of sales made in response to your strategy.
  • Community loyalty: Number of users who have participated, if a contest or sweepstakes would be the number of participants, if a promotion the number of people who have used it.

A poorly planned strategy, or even having a definite plan for social networks can lead to a lack of control of data, erroneous publications and not knowing if your actions are positive or negative. Maybe things do not go as expected, but the best way to make appropriate adjustments in the testing strategy is trial and error.

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