3 Tips to Convince Users That They Are Followers of Your Website

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3 Tips to Convince Users That They Are Followers of Your Website

3 Tips to Convince Users That They Are Followers of Your Website

SEO is just the first step in the success of web enterprise, position a site in the top results of a search is not easy, is achieved through patience, perseverance and a number of technical changes within a page.

But once it has achieved a good charted within a search, what next? Why get more views but do not increase your sales? The gear is missing is the content, the way it is drafted to be a tone of “obligation”, i.e. it must influence users to perform actions within your website.

The intention of the pages are not always sales, it all depends on the different objectives of these, there are direct sales pages that some in order to attract potential customers or readers engage with websites.

As mentioned above, the web content is the second step in increasing sales. The school teaches spelling, grammar and writing basics, but not many know how to give the right message and the most effective way.

Here are three basic tips when writing content:

1. – Write a text to voice

In doing so, the spotlight falls on the reader, who feels more identified with this type of reading as it gives you the impression that you speak to them and about themselves. For simplicity, it is as if you were writing a text addressed to close friends.

2. – The start must be strong

Readers focus on the opening of the text, if not striking abandon the website, tries to be precise with a good top. A good tip is that you include a question addressed to the reader, a cause he answered in his own mind.

For example:

Right now you’re competing with hundreds, perhaps thousands of marketers looking to position themselves in the search engines, do you like to learn new skills that separate you from the rest?

Here is another example written by Michael Campbell’s Dynamic Media Corp, which demonstrates the use of an if / then:

If you ever happened writer’s block or you’re faced with a blank page, then this is where you should start. There are hundreds of times when you can bring out your creativity, even more than before. Never miss stagnate wondering what to write. You can easily exploit ideas and create content that people will die for reading.

For an If / then, you write the challenge or problem using followed by the solution that will be the time .

3. – Use words convincing

Make sure to using your character written words mandatory. Robin Nobles, co-director of Training of Search Engine Workshops, recommends some of the following words: advantages, adaptable, amazing, authentic, intelligent, complete, brand new, etc.

Remember that the message you want is essential for users to purchase your products or are followers of your website. It is not enough to optimize the page to achieve the desired results but  the content will be the perfect complement to your SEO strategy.

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