7 Small Details That Will Help Create a Good Impression in the Business World

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7 Small Details That Will Help Create a Good Impression in the Business World

7 Small Details That Will Help Create a Good Impression in the Business World

Not always win the one with the best product. In most cases it is sufficient that it is significantly worse than the competition.

It does not mean you should not strive to develop your product. At the same time you should not wait until you have a perfect product to start selling. Search 100% is a waste of time because the effort and benefit ratio is not worth it.

1. Ask if you can spend the time: and not only if it is a cold call. Did you get it right, you have 2 minutes? If the answer is “no, but call me within 30 minutes,” this person has obtained a commitment to you. That’s why when I want to sell something over the phone that does not interest me say Call within 1 month I will be traveling like.

2. Be on time to a meeting: nobody likes to wait. Waiting is a waste of time. Although according to the city in which you reside tolerated 5-15 minutes should not have to start the meeting with an excuse for being late.

3. Make short meetings: a meeting must not take more than 30-45 minutes. If you prepare well “steal” less time to the person with whom you meet. Typically calculate at least 1 hour so it is a surprise finish early.

4. Do not send PowerPoint presentations: we have ours for months to years if not we send them. If someone does is almost a sure sign that life will not make you. Do not send. Nobody will look and is a waste of time.

5. Make a summary of meetings by mail: is one of the tasks that give me more lazy. For those who think I do really important. Already a few hours after you have forgotten half of what was discussed. Imagine what you remember weeks later if you do not find the notes.

6. Avoid intrusive communication: avoids aggressive as mobile communication, Skype, Whatsapp or similar. Why? Because you cannot avoid it and you feel compelled to respond in the moment. You can make use of it if after several mails not received a response from the other person.

7. Pay an invoice before time: what to pay a bill before it expires in other countries is something absolutely normal. Every time that happens to me here in US. I generated a very positive impression because in 95% of cases have to claim for payment.

It’s the little details that make difference relations. Take care of them to stand out from the competition and to be liked. Sympathy is the first step for sale. What are your tips at the level of small details to take care in the business world?

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