5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

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5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Is often confused between tactics and strategy is, a fact. Today I will introduce 5 Simple tactics to increase significantly the traffic of your blog. But first I want start differentiating between tactics and strategies, good to know.

The strategy is a set of actions planned, coordinated and designed long term with clear objectives or goals. The tactic is the method or the form used with in order to fulfill such objectives. Today we focus on 5 tactics, of easy integration to increase traffic of our blog.

1. Write content for hearing of easy click

When we decided envelope that focus an article and treatment that want to give and consider the potential audience and choose the one that has easy click, in other words: the has more tendency to share articles in social networks.

In online culture exists the participation rule than 90 – 9 – 1, presented by the Dane Jakob Nielsen and which stipulates that in an online environment the 90% of the users only consume the information the 9% can that share that information of form casual and only the one% remaining are really contributors .

Finding that 1 +9% is a traffic formula, good content can assure us dissemination, but one planning target audience with previously is guarantee of success.

2. Find and participates in communities where junta your audience

From always have been spent substantial amounts of money on advertising to know where is located the target audience for a campaign to ensure contact. Today finding our audience is much easier.

Depending of our concept know that our potential readers are in different online communities , where to share articles of interest, engage discussions and especially are reported on the state of the industry of its sector. Also mention groups of Facebook or Linkedin related with our theme and where is mandatory interact.

3. Keyword Search before writing a post

No matter the theme or content of the post you go to publish, you can always perform small search keywords. Without having to modify the content has can think and orient it to obtain organic traffic long term.

Evidently this tactic does not translate into a significant amount of visits to short term, but obtain good positions in seekers are many and a constant flow of visits.

4. Uses Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a potent service and free. Insert Google Analytics to your blog can be done very easily and in the same tool explains the steps to follow.

Google Analytics us provides data of great value and utility, we can know where they come our visits In turn we will see that old posts are the that more traffic generate or those who more traffic attract, perhaps we can raise make a second version of the same or update it with fresh data.

5. Make posts of guest and accepts guests

No is an exclusive technique of obtaining links, but also serves to attract relevant traffic towards your blog, yourself known, explain what you have to say and earn the trust of new followers.

This post itself is a great example of this, I have my own blog , but of little authority and few followers, now I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and if accepted I can awaken the interest towards my own space.\

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