Web Traffic: Does Your Website Need More Visitors

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Web Traffic: Does Your Website Need More Visitors

Web Traffic: Does Your Website Need More Visitors

Generating traffic to your website is one of the most important variables of our online marketing strategy. At the end of the day, what would become of our business if no one visited?

If getting an innovative product or service is essential to differentiate ourselves from the competition, it is equally important to our ability to become visible in front of our target audience. And in this, our website plays a fundamental role: is our window, the meeting point where every time and to a greater extent, the consumer decides to buy your product or hire our service.

The list of tips and actions to generate traffic to our site is very long. However, in this first approach to enumerate basic concepts around which should turn our strategy:

Optimized and Relevant Content

Search engines like Google are one of the main means of generating traffic. Therefore, we recommend you make sure your website is in line with the latest programming standards and content marketing. You will then have to be indexed properly by search engines and move up in search results.

Your goal is clear: You must achieve to reach the top 3 positions for keywords related to your business, which account for almost 60% of the clicks from users. This is a complex, long-term constant. In general terms it is necessary to focus on two fundamental aspects:

Optimize website content

The key to creating a quality website is to guide the site and its content to users and not search engines.

It also adds that the most important is to create original content. Think about the actual topic of your site and how it differs from the rest. And finally, take time to assess regularly the site and archive the content that is no longer relevant.

Generates relevant external links

It is what is called link building Gone are the days of generating links through directories, press releases, etc… The key today is based on relevant content related sites.

A tool used today is the guest posting. Do you consider yourself an expert in a certain area? Give your knowledge to specialized blogs on the subject writing a post about it in exchange for the inclusion of one or two links to your website.

Social Networks

Did you publish a new post on your blog? You released a new promo? Sharing the new content of your site on social networks! Nothing like the viral power of Twitter or Facebook to help a faster indexing of that new page in search engines and to generate more hits.

Harness the Power of Email Marketing

The Email Marketing is a valuable tool for generating traffic to our website. Depending on your activity and goals of your communication strategy, you can opt for sending a newsletter or promotional email.

Check segmenting your list of subscribers correctly, customize the message and include links to items relevant to that target and will generate significant traffic to your website in terms of quality and quantity. Try a free account Doppler yourself and discover the power of email marketing.

Measure the Results

It is important that you are watching each of these actions to measure their impact and make strategic decisions. From this you can better target your communication strategy and your offer.

We advise incorporating Google Analytics to your website to analyze traffic background, the most valuable sources of visits and content that is most interesting to your audience. What other tools consider useful for generating traffic to your website? sharing your knowledge with us!

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