Followerwonk tips for Web Development Company Update

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Are you looking to improve your social media integration? Utilising useful analytical tools, such as Followerwonk, is a great way to begin. In this guest post will be explaining why Followerwonk is so important for enhancing your Twitter profile. With particular reference to its search features, you’ll soon see why it is an essential tool for your marketing strategy. 

Followerwonk tips for Web Development Company Update

Followerwonk tips for Web Development Company Update

Why Would You Use Followerwonk?

Setting up a Twitter account is all well and good, but building up your profile can be a slow process. Thankfully, Followerwonk []  will not only help you streamline your tweets to the most relevant people within your industry, but also help with essential research. In this way, the tool will provide structure to your Twitter strategy – after all, with over 500 million users, the potential reach for your business could prove invaluable.

Put simply, Followerwonk is the essential tool for Twitter outreach.

InterGreater & Followerwonk

This article may sound like a product promotion for Followerwonk, but at InterGreater we have no agreed affiliation to the tool. All we can say is we have found it incredibly useful and frequently recommend our clients integrate it into their social marketing strategy. To this end, we’d like to share the knowledge we’ve learned to help budding SEOers get the most out of the tool.

How Does it Work?

Followerwonk has a number of different features which we could discuss in droves. This article will concentrate on its search tools:

  • Followerwonk basic search: on the first tab at the top of the page, you will find ‘Search Twitter Bios‘ . This works in a similar way to keyword research – simply type in a keyword which will be relevant to you and it will list all the Twitter accounts which use that term in their biography. This space is limited in the number of characters allowed, and therefore It stands to reason that for a business or individual to choose to mention this term, must mean it holds relevance for them.
  • In-depth analysis: once you’ve found a number of profiles matching your search, you can export them to a CSV*. Here you’ll be able to weed out those ‘Tweeters’ who aren’t going to help you. Perhaps you only want businesses as opposed to individuals? You’ll be able to decipher this by reading the ‘description’ column. Alternatively, you could put all the twitter URLs into Ontolo’s URL reviewer assigning each one a separate tab in your browser with just one click!

*TOP TIP: you need to be signed into SEOmoz to use this feature. With a number of benefits including indispensable page and domain rank analytics, a subscription to SEOmoz is strongly advised.

  • Tweeters with Influence : accounts are more likely to be either ‘spammy’, or have limited reach when there are more ‘following’ than ‘followers’. This is a good starting rule for finding the most influential tweeters, and the Followerwonk advanced search tool allows you to find those accounts easily – just click ‘more options’ beneath the search bar.
  • Create a List : once you’ve got your narrowed-down, relevant list of accounts, you can add them to a list. In our line of work, InterGreater often provide fresh, new blog content for businesses, in order to improve their SEO. As a case in point, we write for an online pawnbroker, borro. We have recently been writing a number of articles on assets they lend against, and one example is watches. Having found 50 or so of the most regular, influential and relevant tweeters in the world of watches, we added them to a Twitter list*. This allows us to see lots of new information which will help us write current and informative content, all in one place under one specific category – just what we are after!

TOP TIP : did you know that you don’t have to follow a profile to add it to a list? While we are proud to write for borro, we might not necessarily want to be associated with watch auctions when our main output is providing web development company. And not only do you not need to follow a user, you can also make your Twitter lists private. Alternatively, making your lists public will notify those accounts you have included, which could in turn point these influential people to your profile – a very handy association indeed!

Over to You

Now you’ve read about it, why not try it? Most of the main features are free to use and as well as the search functions we have described, there are a number of other useful tools. For example, why not try comparing your profile with a rival to see who is following them, as well as how often they are tweeting?

The more Twitter grows, the more weight Google will give to websites with high ‘social authority’ in its rankings. If you haven’t already, now is the time to promote your site through this incredibly influential social platform – and Followerwonk provides the best tool to help you do it!

Happy tweeting!

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