How to Plan A Strategy Low Cost Digital Marketing

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How to Plan A Strategy Low Cost Digital Marketing

How to Plan A Strategy Low Cost Digital Marketing

In these times many companies are not really active on online presence mainly due to the design trends that are the high cost of effective planning in Digital Marketing.

And although it is best to invest in professionals who can properly route and successful entry of the company in the net, I will give some guidelines aimed at small businesses that currently do not have resources for investment; we will see how we can have a good presence and get a good move.


The first step is the website; if we can go to a developer party with some guidelines so that our presence is attractive.

Own domain and hosting , no subdomains and free accommodation, gives very bad image in the face of a company’s corporate page, plus annual investment is minimal.

A good content management system free and reliable , I’ll recommend WordPress, both for its ease installation and configuration and update, anyone with a basic knowledge can update a WordPress also a highly customizable CMS that can fit our activity with the passage of time. Moreover, although the basic approach is that of a blog, we will not have any problems through static pages create a cover corporate and internal sections with our services.

Watch the image In a website add logo to the header, add good description, make categories and well segmented internal pages visible,. Some internal page should be active for an example: what we do, how we do, why us, who we are, where we are and contact us. Remember that the website is a great sales channel; we make it easy for the potential customer.

Word of advice, seek to design a free theme that is also attractive and Responsive, users also come from mobile devices.


We should have a corporate website, light and attractive, and work on it the Content Marketing will give us a lot of quality targeted traffic and improve our brand image in the industry.

We will do this through an internal blog, within the same corporate site; with WordPress not have any problem.

Some basic guidelines:

  • We update the blog every day if not themselves usually, for maximum freshness is possible.
  • Create articles related to our industry and traffic will get quality users can convert end customers.
  • Caring in the message and form, in the same way we do when a potential customer comes to our office or our trade and we see users coming to our website.


The Search Engine includes a lot of factors, but if you do not have much idea and no budget to hire a professional SEO who are doing great presence in Google and other search engines are, then respect with to the internal optimization:

Segmenting well each page and section from the menu caring internal links, there are two objectives, you may reach any content with fewer clicks, and you can access what you are looking intuitively.

Add both titles and descriptions that best describes the content, generally, they are focused on an actual person, and so it must be logical and attractive.

If our business is local service we can use Google Places (now Google + home)  that will give us greater visibility in local search, but this service also entails an approach to strategy and positioning work itself, the high is simple and depending on sector competed as we get a higher or lower fee.

Regarding Link Building or external work:

  • Communication Work, find bloggers in our industry and talk to them, know them, see how they talk about us, sample products or services etc…
  • Being active in Communities, discussion forums in our industry to share knowledge and subject matter experts. Be care in never falling SPAM.
  • Directories very focused, we can also go to local directories or highly segmented business on our profession.
  • Social links, discuss in the Social Media section.

With these patterns we can make an all-natural SEO work. There is a maxim that I always like to repeat, works for the user and also for the search engines do .

Being present in social networks is no longer an option in our Digital Marketing strategy and is critical not only to be, if not active, create community and maximize brand image.

Why is that important brand image in social networks?

Users not released to the purchase or hiring of a sudden, first contrast and make recommendations based on where many if not most are made through social networks. With this data does not need to say more about the direct benefits to the final conversion of the company if we have an excellent brand image and active community.

Let’s see how a little planning based on our Social Media Strategy:

  • Integration options for vitalize our content on social networks, thereby facilitating leaving our blog to the various networks. With WordPress and its large number of plugins we have it really easy, WP Socializer plugin is good.
  • Creating optimizing our social profiles, knowing what we will be active networks (depends on our target market), but the three basic ones are Google +, Facebook and Twitter. Descriptive informational texts, including the URL of our website and enticing images that evoke the message we want to convey.
  • Updates fresh, the fresher better, and third-party content that may be of interest to our community. The movement should be constant.
  • Remember that all users that are in our social profiles are part of the community and potential customers, always answer your comments giving the best solution if it is a query or just thanking your comment or recommendation, the goal is that every user knows that behind Brand is a team of people empathic and nearby.


I think these patterns have a low economic cost to small businesses who want to be active on the Internet, although the cost of time is high.

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