5 Tips To Transfer Your Websites From One Host To Another

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5 Tips To Transfer Your Websites From One Host To Another

5 Tips To Transfer Your Websites From One Host To Another

Transferring your website from your current host to another host provider might be an easy task or tough since it depends on the type of website you have. Even though it may be an intimidating job, you might have to do this for many reasons. The reasons could be for instance, adding new features which your current host provider might not be providing or maybe you are searching for a company which would provide you excellent quality of web hosting services which are competent of helping you when you have some major issue with your website. Reasons can be endless but the process of moving host and transferring your files should be completed in a smooth manner. This article would highlight 5 tips to transfer your websites from one host to another host provider. Just keep reading!

Keep your old account:

Always remember DO NOT close your account with your current host provider. This will ensure that you would have few visitors still visiting your website. You would also keep receiving incoming emails till the process of you moving to another host completed

Make sure to back up your files:

Always make sure that you have a backup to all your files in appropriate manner. You need to keep in mind that there are 2 modes of transferring files i.e. ASCII and binary. Always ensure that you are using the correct mode of transfer when you are downloading your files onto your hard drive. For instance, ASCII mode is used to transfer text files on your hard drive whereas binary mode is used for transferring image files. If you are using WS-FTP, select “Auto” mode option which will help you sort files according to the transfer modes and the process is completed by the software automatically.

Upload your files carefully:

Always make sure that you upload your files to the root directory for instance public_html of the new host server. Again it is recommended that you make use of FTP software like WS-FTP for correct uploading procedure avoiding any errors happening while uploading file. Before you start the upload process using this software makes sure you have set it up with your new host provider name like “ftp.yourdomainname.com” with username and password. Again, make sure you are transferring the file using correct modes (ASCII and binary)

Transferring domain:

When transferring domain make sure you get in touch with your old host provider and ask them to change the DNS of your domain name. Inform them about DNS of your new host provider. If all is well you will be able to access website using your own domain name in a matter of few days. Always remember if the old host provider gives you user name and password to access domain manager of domain registrar than you need to go to domain manager to create new DNS address.

Closing the old host provider account

Once the process is completed and everything goes great, get in touch with old host provider to close your account with old host provider.

However, if the website needs a database support which makes use of server side script than there are some additional tasks which you might have to follow.

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