What Is Trojan Marketing And How We Can Use It To Get More Sales?

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What Is Trojan Marketing And How We Can Use It To Get More Sales?

What Is Trojan Marketing And How We Can Use It To Get More Sales?

If you have any search on Wikipedia to find out the origins meaning of the Trojan. It displays that the term is used in the world of computing to describe malicious software that comes disguised as a normal program every day. Obviously this post does not explain illegal actions to get more sales, but its only focus on the ethical part of them.

Definition and Marketing fields Trojan

Each activity of the main goal is to how to get more sales. This is a perfect mix of different existing marketing fields. The Trojan marketing makes us of the following 3 items disciplines:

  • Direct Marketing: Can be summarized under marketing activities seeking short-term outcome to generate sales as teleshopping programs eg, cold calls, flyers, etc.
  • Guerrilla Marketing: street actions or other events that generate impact through the surprise in people and spread easily from offline to online.
  • Marketing of Happiness: the results in terms of sales are carried out not direct, but is looking for a branding effect through making people happy and trace.

How to use a Trojan horse for marketing in a legal context

The Trojan marketing does not seek that. In operation rather than implanted in the computers of users looking to be in the minds of potential customers.

1. Generation of a wish: Axe man do you know? No matter what gender they are because it is very likely that the answer is “yes”. This fictional character is like all the men are seeing in their dreams (or sometimes in their mirrors). This tag generates the desire to be like Axe man as even helps them because it gives people the confidence to conquer and seduce.

2. Give moments of happiness: watching the reaction of the participants of the last think we have generated little moments of happiness for many people. Including all the presenters and organizers have experienced incredible hours will surely remember for a long time. It is not always to seek an immediate result but rather to create links with people. Always receive more than you give long term.

3. Collaborations Cross: Trojan marketing also seeks immediate results. In the world of bloggers as in business collaborations are an essential element in the path to success. Think of services or products that are related as eg milk and Cola Cao. If you like you should work therapist with a sports shop. Those at or practice other physical activity often fanatical followers of their business and some injury may have worse effects on morale to lose the job.

4. Generation of associations: the question if you know the brand Red Bull spare. The energy drink has created a market from scratch and lead it since. The association you may have with it can be linked to extreme emotions live. If you like the world of adrenaline Red Bull is for you. Through event
sponsorships and people usually get all the media attention to help you be in the heads of your target audience. .

The Trojan marketing allows you to be present in the heads of people. It allows you to perform actions hidden marketing and advertising activities especially in the case of partnerships that generate immediate results. It is not an exact science but rather serves to give us ideas and be creative when it comes to increasing sales.

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