B2B vs. B2C What Is The Difference Between A Corporate Client And One Massive?

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B2B vs. B2C

B2B vs. B2C

When developing our marketing and communication strategy is important that we identify what type of market we will target we offer: Corporate (B2B) or massive (B2C). Each category has its own characteristics.

B2B or B2C?  Corporate or Bulk?

For those unaccustomed to use these terms in English or who are just starting out in the business world, the acronym B2B refers to “Business to Business” ie the corporate or industrial market are those companies that market their products or services to other companies .

For example, we can talk about Doppler , who provides email marketing to businesses and professionals , enabling them to communicate with their end customers and prospects.

On the other hand the acronym B2C refers to “Business to Consumer” this is the mass consumer market or final consumers, which are those companies that provide products or services to people .

As an example we can mention companies who market products and brands in varying degrees are part of our daily lives because we consume them or see their ads.

How does this affect my marketing strategy?

Correctly differentiate these two categories is essential to effectively adapt our marketing and communication strategy to their specific characteristics.

Here are the main differences between them:

Market Size

  • B2B: It’s small and select.
  • B2C: usually large, numerous and widely dispersed geographically.
  • Purchase Process
  • B2B: To be acquiring a product or service for commercial purposes, the purchase requires a detailed and rational analysis’s why usually extend over time and need continued assistance by the seller because the decision also involves various areas of company.
  • B2C: The purchase is more impulsive and based on emotions . The process is much shorter and individual as the bought in most cases buy the product or service contract for your personal use.

Marketing Strategy

  • B2B: Generally not used mass media but prefers relational marketing, presence at industry events and especially the personal contact between trade officials from both sides.
  • B2C: Given the characteristics of the product and the target market, often used the traditional mass media advertising (TV, radio and print ads) and online (Web Sites, Search, Email Marketing and Social Media).

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