How to Make a Link Building Strategy?

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How to Make a Link Building Strategy?

How to Make a Link Building Strategy?

Building a strategy leagues, helps generate links, adds value and builds loyalty among your company and your followers. Probably, increasing traffic to your site will not be imponderable like spam will realize, but we can assure that the effect will be more beneficial and lasting.

Today, experts say link building becomes more effective than any other known in the SEO activity.

The benefits of Linkbuilding

The link building has different benefits that you can take to improve your business:

  • The cost is less than other advertising strategies.
  • Its effect is concise and durable.
  • By increasing the quality of your links improve their relationships.
  • It adapts to the dynamism of the market.

Now that you know the benefits of the strategy leagues, it’s time to move on to the practical side of the matter.

How to create the link building?

In the first instance you should be careful with users to have fake links that point to your site, or be in pages that are not related to your business.

Attend events that talk about marketing and SEO, will help you build relationships off the web. Create relationships with people should be equally important to generate online links.

It is visionary. Consider the long-term prerogatives granted by the league strategy, think that contact with other people and other sites will bring many other benefits.

It offers something different. If your company has well exploited their differentiator, other people will want to interact with you by your originality.

Other tips for getting links

If you do not have a blog of your own, look for one with prestige and start contributing to it. Use tools like Followerwonk, or social networks like LinkedIn to find people related to your business.
If you have a blog, invite collaborators by mail. The fairs, symposia and conferences are another way to contact people in the middle. Make a brief interview to the people you exchange links, then paste the video on the league to increase its value.

Setting the strategy

Before starting to conquer links, you need to define what you expect from this SEO activity. You must think the way you build your strategy leagues and how they will board the task.

Experts suggest the following: building value and loyalty among your followers. If you manage your customers find added value in your brand will become loyal, which can be translated as a high ROI. Find ideas for commonalities, and use them to succeed in the linkbuilding.

What you should and should not do

You need to have certain guidelines when starting this activity. Take into account the following points:

  • Honesty: Be honest with the people that are going to make link exchange not promise what you cannot fulfill.
  • Go to the people: If you send a customized email, there is nothing more disheartening than a generic mail.
  • Find who’s behind: Investigate who is in charge of the websites or blogs, do not settle for knowing the source of information.
  • Do not be aggressive: No matter whether it is in person or by mail, when accosts people naturally do, do not push people if they have no interest in the linkbuilding.
  • Be friendly: A helpful attitude will make people stay near you.

What keywords are money?

Keywords that are money with help of those that can help you quickly find the people responsible for web pages.  Other keywords that you can serve in your link building are: writer, blog owner, marketer, copywriter, journalist, among others.

Keywords can also be used to make a survey about your competitors, know their followers and then see if you can relate to them. Relationships are an investment; they need to show results take shape. Be helpful to people, if you show willing to build quality links, managed to get the best benefits.

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