In Online Marketing Truths, Only Opinions and Experiences

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In Online Marketing No Truths, Only Opinions and Experiences

In Online Marketing No Truths, Only Opinions and Experiences

When you new start everything with online marketing is difficult.  Over time you obtain an overview of these issues. Maybe even you get impressed with that other people in this world.

Make no mistake. Do not know much more than you. Only have an advantage because you may have already spent a couple of years involved in digital marketing topics. Especially do not take existing knowledge as truth. Rather of views and experiences.

Do not rely nor hair of what has you on blogs

It is dangerous to give the impression that one knows everything. If ever you’ve generated that feeling I apologize because it was not my intention. It would be absurd to think that one knows the truth in online marketing about what makes a difference to launch successful campaigns that help you sell more. It’s worse. Probably many of the things you try to apply the story and not going to work the same way.

1. It depends on you, your knowledge and your resources: many who follow this blog know that I’m more of Twitter than Facebook or Google+ . That does not mean you have to leave the Facebook page already has more than 5,000 “likes”. It would even be a serious mistake. If your knowledge or resources are more apt to Facebook you keep at it even if I tell you that Twitter me works best. Every industry is different product person. There is no secret formula or recipe that everyone can apply. You have to find yours.

2. Nobody knows always around : do not always guess right. No mistake many times to find out what works best for you. Online marketing is a discipline that is evolving so fast that it is impossible to always be aware of everything. Do not confuse not all obligations existing options. Not need to be in all social networks. In fact one of my best personal strategies in this blog is to discard many options to focus on what I consider absolutely essential.

3. Things just change: online marketing is very dynamic discipline. What works today and tomorrow just because there are new trends or simply changed the context. The fashions vary and people change social networks like underwear. This should not stop you to try things for fear it may not work or that someday no longer relevant. Online marketing is like life. One never fails to gain new knowledge by making it a hugely exciting world. Whenever you like learning new things, of course it is helpful.

And then by whom or how guided?

In the world of blogs great work items such as “tutorial”, “guide” or “manual” because we like to have someone hold your hand when we are novices in a field. To some extent it makes sense to let advised and see how others have done and try to imitate. Copy can be a path to success does not always work.

There comes a point where we have to drop out and leave the safe way to explore new ways that bring us closer to our goals. This meant that in many cases I’ve noticed that the people were right with what they had. At other times I found a different way to do the things I worked and that no one (or few) were doing.

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