5 Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

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5 Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

5 Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

Content marketing should be part of a sound strategy for any company. Usually, this task rests solely with the marketing department if so, can you are spending more than you will win.

To establish an appropriate plan in the first content marketing should be avoided at all costs these five mistakes:

1. – Do not leave everything to the marketing department

Content marketing should not be the task of a single department, requires the cooperation of other important areas such as, design and even sales.

If users want metrics to wear the web, more technical knowledge is required, which is likely, the marketing department cannot perform.

The design area may increase the rate of conversions visual work first, creating attractive proposals.

One of the main concerns that arise with web pages is that the charging time is high, not only affects the look and restless in SEO, also users are set in such circumstances. The marketing department would be unable to this obstacle.

The marketing area could not resolve vital technical aspects of a website, hence the importance of involving other areas.

Some tips to involve other departments in content marketing:

Share with members from different expectations departments, and personal benefits of participating in content marketing, this will encourage them to work together. You can create an editorial group responsible for every piece of content, this will work as a platform for constant creation ideas. It is also possible to create a single email or a group video chat between members participates in the discussion of an idea.

2. – Was out of ideas

It is normal to create a team with great proposals, but over time and after many tasks done, it may not arrive fresh ideas and the quality of the work is affected.

Some ideas to create interesting content are:

Success Stories: A people like reading stories, whether they are challenging or inspiring even better. Just make sure not to confuse telling a compelling story with sales focused.

Help your customers: Sometimes customers do not know how to ask or say something. It would be ideal to be able to point out benefits of your products the benefits of its use and the success that can be achieved by purchasing them. It also helps to publish advances of some products or services.

Business Too: A common mistake in content marketing campaigns is to focus entirely on the business and forget the people. Add personal touches help in dealing with customers and they will feel more confident.

Do not forget the competition: When fresh ideas are completed an excellent recommendation is to turn to see what the competition is doing. Not to copy the strategy but to set a parameter of what is or is not attractive to customers.

3. – Limit the means in which it operates

Publish only a page or in a blog, is insufficient to reach the target customers want to go. Currently there are several ways in which you can give out important news.

Videos, computer graphics, documents, slides, among others are just a few areas where you can invest the time to transmit the messages of the company, especially when many other companies are focused on social networks, forgetting that there is other means public seeking information.

Some tips to publish in other media:

  • Post a video as a guest on other blogs
  • Create an info graphic and post it on various sites
  • Interviewing industry experts in a podcast and then post it on the page or blog
  • Customize the email with company information, contact details and the position occupied by the employee concerned in it.

The advantage of publishing on other blogs as a guest is the increase in traffic to the site, as it helps to create links.

4. – No win customers

One of the most common mistakes in content marketing approach is to give each product perfection. Although done with the best intentions, this can have a negative impact. This can be avoided by inviting users to participate in content marketing.

A similar campaign could be applied, however, is not one hundred percent reliable material generated by users. Before publication must confirm the source of the videos or photos and forward users to the content becomes the property of the company.

5. – Do not measure the results generated

The best way to know what impact has a content marketing strategy is to measure the number of users to wear a page and why they do it. The amount of clicks, time spent and bounce rate are metrics that should be taken into account.

This type of data can be easily obtained from Google Analytics, but if you want to know statistics about social networking, you can use Hootsuite, this software offers a number of follow up actions within the social networks, as well as the means by which was shared.

Whatever the strategy used in the content marketing will not do anything if it attracts potential customers, those who actually buy the products. You can observe trends in the monitoring web metrics and trying to improve different aspects well.

The most common mistake in marketing is content not measure results; you cannot know how it has worked a strategy if it completely ignores the user behavior.

Content is the reason why customers are interested in a product, give them what they want to find is vital to become customers or followers of the web. It is impossible to create a perfect marketing campaign content, what is possible is to anticipate and know ridding the major mistakes.

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This post has been written by Vishal Shah. He is Owner  for Opti Matrix Solution – Web Development Company


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