8 Points Key to Writing Good Content

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8 Points Key to Writing Good Content

8 Points Key to Writing Good Content

In my blog I am often asked about what are the most important points that we should keep in mind when writing a blog.

A blog, as we know not just post articles nut must take into account aspects such as marketing, SEO or search engine optimization strategies to get subscribers, etc.. But as for the writing itself, which is the main theme of blog, there are 9 general points that always considered each of any articles.

These tips are designed both for those who want to start with blog and already have one and want to improve it.

8 Tips for Writing Articles balanced and quality

1-Write about what you know and you are passionate

This is basic advice for every blogger, from which everything else becomes easier. You can write about what you are learning or already know, what about your passion so your readers will notice you and eventually grow your reputation in your niche and you will position yourself as an expert.

2-Focus on the end user

Now if you write about what you know and you are passionate about your readers know better, and they should be directed to your writing efforts. Before Google was for SEO developed in your blog that the quality of your articles and content, but after Google Panda and Penguin, the content became king, basically in the fact that if your readers find it looking at your articles be more likely to share, growing popularity, a fact that Google now has more features to position.

Therefore, if you enter more thinking about your readers, will ultimately be beneficial to your ranking.

How do I write thinking about my readers?

  • Take your questions and comments and do post resolving those doubts.
  • Visits blogs and forums in your niche and choose the most frequent questions for your next post.
  • Take a survey on your blog asking about they would like you to write.
  • Determine who your real target audience, ages, nationalities, language, major concerns and needs.

3-Be creative and original

Possibly that you are going to write and has written much, my tactic is based on reading the rest and take the differences in points of view and then write an article these differences pose I try to put my opinion and synthesis.

This will make your readers discover a post different from what they have read elsewhere, which completes and collects dispersed information.  And this I think is the best way to be original in an environment where information abounds.

4-Don’t fill of “keywords” your article

The controversial issue of whether writing for search engines or the end user is a matter of discussion among bloggers I tend to write friendly and fresh post for readers.

As for the keys and quantity recommend a ratio of between 3% and 5% of the total keywords words of your article, in my case I use 1%, and always using the “keywords” at the beginning titles and subtitles, and I do not want to spend my energy on worrying too much on SEO, I prefer to devote all my efforts to present a content friendly to my readers.

If you use too many say 10% of the total of your words, and put them above all in bold, the text loses freshness and spontaneity, if you do not believe me, write a text of 500 words that contains 50 times the search term, and then tell me what you think.

5-Make sharable items

I said earlier about focusing on the end user, is used to this point. Invite to share your article on social networking and “bookmarks” your reader if you found it interesting. Your share buttons should be very clear at the beginning and end of your articles, which enables you do want to share easily. With a button for Twitter, Facebook and Google + is enough.

6-Invites discussion

The famous “call to action” if your reader will stay until the end, if your item is shared, etc … means that quality is interesting, takes this inviting comment, then answers each of these comments and appreciates the participation.

A blog with many comments shows an updated blog, which is getting popular and loyal readers, those who return again and again for your articles; you have in your rss reader and leave your mail for you to send them more content. Besides comments and questions as a source of new ideas for articles as we saw above.

7-Quote Sources

Not only is it a question of ethics as an editor and blogger put the sources where you documents and you completed your ideas, it is also a great source of traffic  because if appointments for example: an article from another blog, and the blogger approves the “pingback “get an incoming link to your blog from your industry comments, and if an article with many visitors some will choose to your blog, and best of all  they are people interested in what you wrote  as they come from another article in the same issue. In addition, the sources give a sense of professionalism and work more seriously behind your articles.

8-Take time to review and correct

When I sit down to write, takes me a little longer to review and correct my texts to write. Read it several times, I assure you that each reading will find something to improve, a better phrase, spelling, etc..

Try to put yourself in the place of your readers and see if your content is concise, goes to the heart of the matter and answer your questions.

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