5 Principles to Build Your Business Sales

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5 Principles to Build Your Business Sales

5 Principles to Build Your Business Sales

We all want to make money, whether online or offline, and are willing to work hard to achieve it. So, here I present five principles to generate more sales for your business.

1 – Customers are your priority

Many people, working both at the same time and forgetting that they are business people. For example, secretaries in offices, while working for so long arranging appointments like “Robots”. Who, just listen, and record. No smile, no talk and no customer pleasers.

They forget that the Clients are individuals who deserve quality treatment.

2 – Focus on results, not effort

The world of sales is not based on organizing, planning or together with others rather is to generate results. Often commit this error. Sometimes, we deceive ourselves, we are satisfied because we worked hard enough in the day. But in the end, we have shown our products or services to any prospective client! Never confuse the results with Effort.

3 – Never ignore a Customer

The best sellers I know are those who do not ignore a customer. All your customers are valuable because they are the foundation of your business. Many times we find difficult customers, which “tend” to ignore. But, do not make that mistake. Those “difficult customers” can become your most loyal customers, if you interact with them intelligently.

4 – Stun your Potential Customers

A sales person should be able to impress your potential customers and motivate them to make a purchase. How to impress your clients?

  • Use your social reputation, showing how many followers you have on Twitter or Facebook
  • Shows some reviews or reviews of your services by other bloggers in your niche
  • Show your customers what they think of your products or services
  • Post statistics of your Blog, whether visitor numbers
  • Shows how many times a product has been sold or contracted your service

5 – Ask your customers purchase made

This may seem simple enough but most sales people, skip this step. It’s hard to believe, but true.

I do not remember which site I read a study, which found that 70% of 500 businesses, vendors never asked directly to customers who buy a product!

Then, regardless of the product, price or how professional you are, if you do not ask your customers to buy the product you are losing customers.


Obviously, there are many principles to generate sales. However, I hope that these five principles mentioned help you distinguish the importance of the subject, and inquire more to improve your sales to the fullest.

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Vishal Shah works for Optiinfo – web development company, helping clients achieve excellent results in their online marketing campaigns.


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