5 Profiles of Your Followers on Social Networks

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5 Profiles of Your Followers on Social Networks

5 Profiles of Your Followers on Social Networks

Social networks are reinventing the concept of customer service and increasingly demand as companies assume a proactive attitude towards their customers and prospects.

Discover the main profiles of followers that make up your online community by reading the following post. As social networks are gaining ground in the preferences of people to share their feelings and concerns, the task of community managers and customer service representatives becomes more complex and demanding.

Here we propose a review of the main profiles that you can find in social networks when managing your online community and some tips to provide the best answer to your needs.

The Fan

It is our great follower. A continuous fan of our brand and our product. No doubt manifest, recommending and sharing our updates with your friends and followers. For a community manager, it is the preferred profile and as such is a figurine very difficult to achieve.

Doppler Tip

It is also important to offer special discounts on your next purchase and recognize them from the rest of the community to stimulate the contagion effect. From Doppler, while were preparing the launch of the new version of our application of Email Marketing invite our fans to tell your ideas and suggestions about the service, webinars cycles and other issues. Example: The slogan was: what you’d find in Doppler 2013? The response to the call was very positive!

Silent Follower

This group is usually the largest and is the most fertile ground for our community manager. Every day hundreds or maybe thousands of people silently follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google Plus.

Doppler Tip

Try to involve them with calls to action more compelling, specific, straightforward and offers rewards to encourage their reaction.

Our recommendation is to test different tactics to see their reaction and determine which technique works best in order to make them more active followers.

The vitalization

We’re talking about a reference, an opinion leader on social networks either by popularity or stand as a specialist in a particular subject. While not always fans of our brand its influence is very valuable for companies looking to promote their products or services.

Doppler Tip

There is a possibility that some of them are willing to recommend your product or service. The ideal scenario is when they do spontaneously. Try to get their attention or engaging in a tweet mentioning or tagging a link to share on Facebook.

The Opportunist

These users are usually not real followers of your brand, and yes it is a fan but can be considered casual fans who are interested in taking advantage of every opportunity presented for a profit. It is very common to see them in contests and sweepstakes.

Doppler Tips

Analyzes the cost-benefit of each situation carefully. Defines how filled worth of such followers who bring more quantity than quality.

Examining it from another perspective, their presence does not have to be negative; you can see these followers as potential customers. It will be a challenge to involve them with your brand and may be worth!

The Troll

In the Internet environment, the troll is a character controversial and often operates in the shadows. Hiding behind virtuality, causes, uncomfortable and demands often as excessive and unjustified.

Doppler Tip

Manage with caution. Responds with confidence and seeking to provide concrete and clear answers to their “complaints”. It is very important to maintain a space for the user to comment and you should always respond respectfully and trying to find a solution. Never have to delete comments , this can be detrimental to your community and your image.

If your fan is claiming something that is right, the first step is to recognize our mistake and try to fix it ASAP. The honesty of a brand in social networks is a very important quality.

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