5 Factors That Influence to Make a Purchase Online

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5 Factors That Influence to Make a Purchase Online

5 Factors That Influence to Make a Purchase Online

With the rise of the internet and the constant needs of consumers, online shopping has become an increasingly common process but many companies who do not achieve desired success in this sector, and they are different elements that influence the stakeholders.

If you are about to enter the world of e-commerce but you are afraid to make an investment without being able to attract customers here are the most common factors that users take into account to make an online purchase.


Internet is a gigantic world with unlimited possibilities, but in the same way in can get many benefits, there frauds as identity theft, personal data and even theft capital. You must convince your customers that your site is safe to enter personal data, otherwise leave your online store immediately.

Builds confidence in your customers, shows security certificates with your site account. A digital certificate ensures that sensitive information sent by the user to a server is encrypted and thus not likely to be intercepted by unauthorized persons.

Product value

If you already have the key elements to provide security to your buyers, the next step is to convince them that the goods you sell are those who are looking. Highlights the benefits of buying in your online store, emphasize promotions, offers and payment options.

Show all arguments of why it is better to purchase products online on your website. If you’ve had clients, you can use this to your advantage, you can create a testimonials section to create even more confidence in consumers.


All users often do a little research online on any aspect, for example, investigate the company that offers them a job, positive or negative feedback for investigate a company before hiring any services and of course, will be the task of reading comments about the store that offers it.

One of the great advantages of the internet is the scope that takes advantage of this in favor of your business and start having social media presence. Participate in online communities or write a blog, gradually get views and positive comments.

Delivery time

Another factor that causes users to not purchase products online is the delivery time. Why wait a while if they can purchase your product immediately at a permanent establishment? Try to offer shorter lead times, as long as possible.

Customer service

To all users like to be taken care of and friendly staff. Make customers feel you have a serious company that can help if needed. Sets all possible means to get in touch with them (phone, email, chat, etc..).

They may even be doubts before purchase, questions about specific features of the products, you can assist them with that and you are more likely to close the deal.

Online stores are a novelty, but a necessity, can be a catapult to business success would properly handle an investment with good returns. Remember that an online store does not sell by itself, is basically driven by the same parameters as any business.

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