Google Fiber Speeds Its Way to Next Stop – Austin

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Google Fiber Speeds Its Way to Next Stop - Austin

Google Fiber Speeds Its Way to Next Stop – Austin

Go ahead – be jealous! The next city to get Google Fiber has been announced, and it is Austin, Texas. The ultra high speed option in Internet access that Google launched last year in Kansas City, is now set for its next location. Excitement abounded in Austin leading up to the announcement of the coming of Google Fiber, the Gigabit Internet option that is 100 times faster than the average high speed service through other providers.

Understanding the Allure of Google Fiber

Google Fiber is the brand new super high speed Internet service that is being rolled out one city at a time. Revolutionary Gigabit Internet makes waiting and buffering a thing of the past. It completely enables futuristic use of the Internet for applications like doctor visits complete with 3D imaging. It is opening up a whole new world of possibilities in Internet technology. Already, the service is enticing numerous startups in the Kansas City area it serves.

Second Only to Kansas

Google has not previously been a part of the Internet provider industry. It is coming late to the game, but is bringing something completely revolutionary. It chose Kansas City as its debut location and has now selected Austin based on its artistic, entrepreneurial, technological, medical and creative communities. Pricing of the service is expected to be similar to the affordable pricing set up in Kansas. Free for the first 7 years with the payment of installation charges, this high speed access can’t be beat.

While Kansas City is still in installation mode, with many areas as yet still unconnected, Google is projecting mid-2014 for installation to begin in Austin. The infrastructure that grew organically as a result of Google Fiber’s move into Kansas City is expected to be duplicated in the Austin area, and any other city that follows.

The Country That Started the Internet is Catching Up

Access to truly high speed access in the United States is very poor compared to other countries. This new technology will bring the necessary speed to those who are lucky enough to be in the locations the big name companies choose to connect. It will certainly not correct the issues of high speed access in rural areas, but at least those in chosen urban areas will have speed comparable to other countries. Despite launching the World Wide Web, there are numerous countries throughout the world which are doing a much better job at delivering it to their citizens.

Austin stands to benefit greatly by attracting numerous new businesses and being available to access absolutely everything the Internet has to offer in real time when Google Fiber is installed. Rumors about Austin being the chosen city garnered lots of excitement and rightfully so. It is a huge coo for a city to become the second in the nation to get the exclusive ultra high speed Internet connection that any business or city would love to have. Watch out America – great things are about to happen in Austin, Texas.

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