Marketing Techniques

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Marketing techniques

Marketing techniques

Marketing techniques are methods or ways to achieve marketing goals such as attracting new customers, make those who have been our customers come back to buy us or visit us, or make us recommend the latter.

Let’s look at four effective marketing techniques that you can use right now in our company or business:

Use of testimonials

The use of testimonials is to use testimonials from satisfied customers as an introduction to other consumers.

To do this, we must first provide a product or service good quality, then ask our major customers provide testimonials about us who have had the impression of our product or service then post these testimonials on some of the advertising media we use such as brochures, website or print ads.

The bigger the testimonies we can get and post and the more important or known are the customers that we provide, the more effective this technique.

Referral Search
The search of referrals is to make our customers recommend us and help get new customers.

Some ways to achieve this would be to offer our customers special discounts or other benefits if we come to refer to other clients, or deliver coupons to have them delivered to their acquaintances, with which they can access, special discounts or free trial our services.

This is an effective marketing technique, but it is useless if you do not have a product or service quality that our customers really do want to commend.

Using incentives

The use of incentives is to make use of incentives or sales promotions that induce consumers to buy our products or purchase our services.

Some examples of incentives that could be used are two for one deals, discount coupons and redeemable points cards that allow customers to accumulate points as they acquire our products or services, and then, by accumulating certain amount of points can be exchanged for other products or services, or use them to access special discounts.

By using this technique, as a rule, we must ensure that we are able to serve all customers requesting the incentives offered and that the investment is offset by the benefit.

Inclusion of additional

The inclusion of additional services is to provide additional services to the product or service offered, and preferably is free.
Examples of additional services that could provide are free delivery of the product to customer home or office, free installation of the product and free technical support or maintenance of the product to meet certain period of time.

Additional services include the product or service offered is also an effective marketing technique with it especially when we exceed the expectations of the customer.

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