Why Companies Should Blog

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Why Companies (and CEOs) Should Blog

Why Companies (and CEOs) Should Blog

Ways to Promote your Site or Blog
SEO is one way to get a site ranked well by search engines, but not everyone has the time and patience to learn how to use SEO effectively. Fortunately, there are other ways to promote your site and bring in visitors. You will still need to invest a little time, but you will not have to learn a bunch of new terms or re-do your site.

Use Social Networking
Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, are excellent platforms for promoting your sites and any projects you are working on. Place a link to your site in all of your social networking profiles. You can also mention your site in your posts – just make sure you also provide interesting and valuable posts in between the marketing posts. If you post your link too frequently, you will irritate people and your posts can even be penalized as spam. You can also create a Facebook page dedicated solely to your site.
List Your Link in Directories
Web directories are crawled by search engine robots. This means that listing your site URL in these may help you be indexed in search engines faster. There are both free directories and paid directories. Most prefer manual submissions instead of automated submissions, so take the time and submit your listing yourself. You will need to add a basic description of your web page or blog and choose an appropriate category. Most submissions are not accepted right away as most of the quality directories have human eyes looking at each submission.Add Your Site to Search Engines
You can add your URL directly to search engines. This service is usually free and means your site may be crawled and indexed sooner than if you wait to be noticed. The sooner you are indexed, the sooner internet users will be able to discover your site or blog.

Write Articles Containing Links to Your Site
A few places around the web allow you to post an informative article and link back to your own site. If your site or blog is about pets, for example, you can write an interesting article on this topic and interested readers may visit your site afterward. Check all of the site’s rules, never plagiarize, and keep the reader in mind.Buy Ad Space
For a flat fee or a pay per click fee, search engines will give your site special placement at the top of the search lists. Many people do not search past the first few pages of search results, and you may never be discovered if your site is too far down the line. If you are having difficulty getting your site noticed via other web-based means, this is the way to go.

Create Business Cards
Old-fashioned word of mouth and printed promotional material still works very well. Create attractive business cards to give to people you meet. Most mortar and brick printing places will print the cards, but you can also find numerous online services to do this. All you have to do is pick out a template or upload your own design and then place your order. Alternatively, you can purchase card stock and print some cards at home on your own printer.Promoting takes time and effort. If you set up a schedule and pace yourself, however, it will not feel as tedious. Set a time each week to do some promoting. Before long, you should have visitors coming to your site or blog.

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