Web Performance Optimization (WPO): Measure the Speed of Loading Your Website

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Web Performance Optimization (WPO): Measure the Speed of Loading Your Website

Web Performance Optimization (WPO): Measure the Speed of Loading Your Website

The Web Performance Optimization (WPO) is a term to rise in recent years in order to improve and optimize the positioning of pages in the search results.

Everyone knows that one of the variables that has the greatest weight in Google’s results showing the loading speed of web pages. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies that want to optimize their presence in the search engines are investing in improving certain aspects of the programming language, architecture, hosting etc… This is to make it easy to robot Google so you can easily crawl the web, index it and display it as soon as possible before the rest.

We must not leave out the user. Users are tired of waiting to upload the content they seek. A bad experience in navigating the website cannot visit us again.

Tools to measure the speed of loading your website

In the network there are tools to check the performance and the speed of websites. We show you a selection of them.

Yahoo! YSlow : Yahoo Free Plugin For Firefox that integrates with Firebug. Evaluates the performance of web pages and suggests ways to improve the loading speed.

Pingdom : A tool for measuring the speed of loading, which can compare with previous results since data stored queries.

WebPagetest: Shows a download time of pages and a list of optimization.

Google Webmaster Tools: The tool displays statistics Google website.

Google Page Speed ​​: Google Plugin for Firefox that integrates with Firebug, analyzes brand performance and implement improvements.

Httperf: It is a tool that allows you to make requests of stress to the servers and see how they behave.

View the page size and download time.

OctaGate SiteTimer : Calculates the size of the page, the download time and offers recommendations.

http://loads.in : It allows the comparison of different load speeds URL’s choosing the geographic location and the browser.

Gtmetrics: Perform an analysis of the areas for improvement and to compare with previous results.

Aspects to consider in WPO

In this case, we should focus on the following aspects:

  • Minimize and / or outsource CSS and JavaScript content.
  • Compress the possible contents
  • Reduce the size of the cookies.
  • Reduce DNS requests.
  • Optimize images and multimedia content.
  • Improve Google Analytics code.
  • Optimize HTTP and CSS.
  • Servers.
  • Mobile version.

Currently we turn to generate more content on pages, add social networking buttons-without considering that this slows decision-charging, add videos. We must generate optimized pages to load faster, doing the exact opposite. The WPO we can just improve what we already have and get a qualitative and quantitative advantage over our competitors in the network.

Any of these tools can give us an idea of ​​the current situation of our website. But do we know exactly what the cost in terms of sales or visits?

Try any of these tools and knows what the needs of your website and recommend improvements not only necessary but also to carry out the loading speed of your website does not separate you from your customers.

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