Tips To Make a Good Title to Your Post

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Tips To Make a Good Title to Your Post

Tips To Make a Good Title to Your Post

We all know that the title of the post is one of the most important parts when we have to write an article. Title should provide the information necessary for the reader to consider whether or not you are interested in reading the rest post. Sometime, there are first 4 or 5 lines that read and those are difficult task of attracting and encouraging the reader to continue reading the rest of the post, A title has qualities to attract readers to your blog.

Steps to take before putting the post title:

Choose the theme of the post: the title obviously must be related to the topic that we treat in the post and we cannot put a title to a post without a theme.

Put a title “temporary or test” once you have chosen the topic of your post, you can venture to put a title to serve you momentarily to start writing your post , you’re always on time to change it before publishing the post, so you do not “break the pot” and waste your time now, even to write your post.

Just write your post: probably while write the post you’ll think of several titles, write them down and continues to write, your title will be best impact on your post.

Reread your post and put a good title: If you’ve written your post, you will probably have in the head 2 or 3 options to title it, but do not rush, now comes the good because remember: the post title is very important more than you think. Be creative and print your own mark but keep in mind a few things.

Tips to make a good title for your post:

Think about the title that YOU would want to read in this post:

It’s simple think about what kind of titles do more “clicks” to read the post advertised. What are for you the most attractive titles? Try to start there, maybe you think of a really good for your post and all you visited.

Relates title and content:

It seems obvious but if you follow a title of a post content that follows in advertised, not forgetfulness readers, if you advertise that talk about apples the apples discuss content should be there, otherwise it will leave the reader immediately from your blog as they are seeking information about apples and your title misleading or unclear, you’re wasting their time and that is not our mission is to help and inform.

Think of the search engines:

Make this easy and try to enter some keywords to help improve your search engine rankings. Do not overdo it on the length of the title, avoid hyphens, special characters … In my opinion you should make a compendium of (search engines, providing information and a good selling point) that middle usually works well, although many more factors influence a good title.

Think social networks:

As the majority of content is diffused and spread through social networks (I was relying on Twitter), you should also consider some details for their diffusion, such as:

  • Leave room for add comments and continue your tweet intact (max 140 characters, remember?)
  • Think through the first 3 words of the title of the post or tweet, the clicks you receive depends on the hook effect that has the beginning of the title.
  • Shorten your url to gain some space.

Each one uses different techniques and approaches to title your post, but what is clear is that the title is a very important factor, a good title can make a difference and make a great post and conversely if a great post do not put the title you deserve, will not reach its full potential (readings, diffusion).

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