Social Media and Brands

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Social Media and Brands

Social Media and Brands

A little to the topic of Social Media especially want to understand what motivates people to use and have implications in other disciplines of Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, Analytical, UX, WPO , etc). Something that has become clear is that today the habits of Internet users have changed and most important use is having the Net is constantly reviewing social networks. That is an important issue to be investigated because it directly affects the other digital disciplines.

So in this brief reflection I would like to answer the question are they influential social networks for brands? Because they are the last actors who increasingly are more interesting in participating in these spaces as SEO expert commented Dave Naylor, Google loves brands, so it’s the best we can do when looking for the purpose of positioning a digital project.

As a first point we have to understand that social networks are spaces of coexistence and socialization from the beginning what establishes a barrier for brands that only seek publicity. The big problem with advertising is that it is a type of two-way communication so that the concept is incompatible with the “conversation” which is a key element of these spaces.

The second point hampers any theme because the metric measuring native of these spaces have no relation to traditional metrics in business that is, how we can know that 100 new likes per day help in the sales of my business? Because it sounds simple, anyone can say that you simply need to install software to measure these KPIs, the truth that in the way everything is complicated because organizations not only advertised through these channels and each channel requires its own system measurement with other KPIs which then must analyze and filter, the company should invest more money to hire an analyst and in the end what is the data abounds but no useful information.

Whereas the previous two records we see that simple as it sounds, it is hard to be on Social Networks also because the brand must be “open” be more human and a lot of publicity to do at some point must dialogue (though not desired).

All this seems too gloomy but when you understand, begin the real strategies of these channels use How? There are many ways in which these spaces can take advantage and perhaps one of the most important is the reputation of a Mark. If the brand has no presence on social networks anyone else can impersonate and generate an image crisis. Even while many companies taking Social Media channels have had some trouble for not caring what they share. Now, when companies make positive use of their Social Media channels reaching impact can become viral and affect what any company want: increased sales.

Does this mean that if social networks can be used for sales? The short answer is “yes”. Returning to iLifebelt study 64% of people said they follow a brand had a positive influence on their purchasing decisions. How what should this impact? Probably because people who follow brands on social networks for news do to get deals and for information and if the marks meet these needs to get the attention of people generating a Top Of Mind and finally converted into sales.

Therefore, if it is true enter the world of social networks exposes them vulnerable brands and forces them to define new schemes in their marketing and communication strategies, such efforts are worthwhile because the value of being a company positively accepted by the people will be high and will generate benefits in sales, loyalty, recommendations and reputation.

In Central Social Networking users use an average of three hours per day with which companies now engage properly in these areas are likely to have more chances to continue in force and competitive over the next five years.

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