Some Things about Loyal Readers Probably Already Know

April 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

A blog unless you have good plan defined content often becomes a sort of grab-bag where some days you talk about some things and others days of others, even of the same subject, they are totally different from each other.

Not the first time I’m waiting for the publication of a post of some of my favorite blogs and I’m slightly disappointed that the issue is that day on the blog does not interest me too much. Face it much before, it is impossible for our items like forever.

Order May Not Be A Loyalty Readers Help.

At the end, do not carry a more or less logical in the subject of your posts in many cases unaware of loyal readers because of the fact that our items like somewhere between readers have to add a factor of uncertainty which in many cases leads to come to your blog again to see if that day you wrote about something that interests you or not.

Also makes it easier for you to publish more often because they do not rely too heavily on one predetermined post and you can dip into improvisation or some issue that is arising in your day to day. Again the question arises, is it really interesting to establish a post when publishing your articles?

Loyalty Much More Frequently.

It could be argued for or against the advantages or disadvantages that post every day but I think I might be able to say that everyone I know who blogs published daily or almost daily, they grow. If you also do the same faster.

In this case we add frequency, same publication schedule and that factor of which we spoke, uncertainty , somehow catch the reader and make them return to be aware of what we write.

The Reader Must Provide Life.

I’ve been missing the last few days thinking about how our readers can benefit we decide to make things as simple as possible.

Internet is full of information and every day you continue to create more and more content. Really users are prepared to receive so much information? It was a rhetorical question. They are not. We have to think how we can to bring our readers the information so that it can be consumed crushed as possible. Is this the only way that our content can really become useful.

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