How to prevent a huge data loss?

April 26, 2013 § 1 Comment

How to prevent a huge data loss?

How to prevent a huge data loss?

Whether in the business world or at home, losing data is harrowing and sometimes heart-breaking. We trust our computer to keep our files safe, and it does such a good job for so long that when it fails it is a very unwelcome surprise. The days of the computer freezing and needing to restart it are over (unless you are a programmer), but that does not mean that the risk of data loss has gone away. Here are some tips to help you prevent data loss.

Improve your program security

People are so obsessed with Internet security that they forget that their computer is packed full of software, and that each one has its own vulnerabilities and flaws. Firstly, you should make sure your computer programs are safe from external tampering. This may come from people in your home or workplace, so you need to improve your program security to stop that happening.

You also need to stop hackers from manipulating your software, because some of them will use it as a backdoor into your system if they cannot get around your desktop security. On a similar note, you should make sure your program security is good so that hackers cannot add malware that is masquerading as an update (that is how they do it).

Improve or upgrade your program and OS stability

Unstable programs are the ones that freeze when you use them, or ones that bring up error messages, slow down your computer or interfere with other desktop programs. You need to make sure that if you are using an unstable program that you are not doing anything important whilst using it. Malware/virus checkers such as Norton will tell you if your program is unstable.

Improve your Internet access

You need to make sure that your physical connections have not been tampered with. Staff members or people spying on you may add devices to monitor or interrupt your Internet use. The technology and knowledge needed is fairly advanced, but you can buy the technology you need from China for a few dollars. It is a little bit like a phone tap, except that it is tapping your Internet usage.

Improve your Internet security

This can be done a number of ways. You can install a password that must be entered before the Internet may be used. You can install virus and malware checkers, you can buy your email services from a host that has high security, and you can have your staff work from their own user accounts so that it will be easier to see if one of them is up to no good.

Improve your physical security

Nowadays, technology is so small that you can put a camera in a cigarette and walk around a celebrity party taking video of all the famous faces. It is just as easy to attach technology to your computers, especially since USB ports are now used for almost everything. The only way you can prevent this is to not allow other people near your hardware. You can do this a number of ways, even if it means locking your computers away and just having wires coming out for the monitors, keyboards and mice.

Remove any risks of physical accidents

This goes for anything that may happen within a home or office environment, from spilling coffee on the machine, to having a chair rammed into it whilst your staff are playing around. There are also things like excessive sun, excessive moisture, and temperature extremes too. All of these may cause damage to your computer that may lead to data loss.

Make backup copies of everything on your computers

You can do this by sending it to the cloud, saving it on a removable hard drive, saving it on discs, or saving it on hard copy (if possible). If you keep backup copies then the chances of you permanently losing your data becomes more remote.

Do not trust flash drives with your originals

Some of the removable flash drives are unreliable. Some of them corrupt very easily, and others will wipe their own memory after a few months. Even if you have bought a secure one, just do not trust it with your originals. Trust it with copies and works in progress, but not originals.

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