The RSS Feed Explanation

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The RSS Feed Explanation

The RSS Feed Explanation

Do you know what an RSS feed? You’ve heard, you noticed those little orange buttons on the blogs of webmasters but you have no idea of its value? Let’s see what is the use the RSS feed and find a tool that will allow you to connect your RSS feeds to no longer be at the end a single source of content for your day.

Defining RSS

On site definitions WebMarketing it offers this definition: An RSS feed (RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication) is an XML stream to allow its subscribers to automatically recover some (title or extract) or all of a newly created item. The contents of the stream can be displayed on a public page, a private page or a feed reader.

Here we are explaining with easy language

Imagine that you discover a blog you like a lot and talking about your favorite subject. You go back over often to see if the blogger write a new article. And if you find 3, 5, 10 blogs that offer great items? You will go around every day to see who write something today?

Would not you like to have a tool, a small robot that makes the spy for you on the blog buddies and come tell you when a new article has just made its appearance on one of the blogs that you follow? Well this little robot is the RSS feed. It will notify you when an article is published on a blog you follow.

To use this RSS feed simply find on the blog you visit the famous little orange square as the drawing up of this article. Sometimes it will be well hidden, some bloggers have humor and propose a small pink square. But usually they still indicate that it is the RSS feed from their blog.

A tool to manage RSS

Once you have found the RSS feeds of blogs you like (if the blogger forgot to do it is always possible to create one with Feedburner). For each you get an address, a web page where all items are shown. You just have more then simply enter this address into your favorite RSS reader in the application connected to your Facebook page in the RSS reader of your choice. The only problem is that many of these tools will accept a single RSS (sometimes up to 5) so if you have a twenty blogs to follow you have a problem.

I found a small tool a website very practical, which connects your 20 RSS them then do not make one. This is FeedStitch who does the housework in your RSS feeds and offers a wide unique address to propose to your RSS reader.

It is easy to use. All you have to do is submit the address of your RSS feeds in the large bar where it is written “or enter a blog rss url” then click the “Add Feed” button. Once registered all your RSS feeds scroll down the page and enter the name of your group of streams (eg before the ecommerce). By clicking “create group” you will get your new RSS feed combining all those that you have indicated.

Once created your new RSS feed you can use it as a monitoring tool to track blogs you like or simply enter in your facebook application, your feed reader, your website.

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