3 Tips to manage your personal brand and 12 tools

May 1, 2013 § 2 Comments

3 Tips to manage your personal brand + 12 tools

3 Tips to manage your personal brand + 12 tools

Do you know when and where you talk about you or your company online? Want people to find quickly what you are, what you do and the content you share online? Have you ever searched Google and have found another person appears above your name as you?

If your answer to all these questions is “yes”, you have to control and are proactive about your personal brand and online reputation.

On the internet not only companies but each and every one of us is our own brand. Managing your personal brand and reputation online is not an easy task, but today in Weekly Tips we present 12 3 tips and free tools that can help you.

3 Tips to manage your personal brand

1) Personal Branding. Start from the beginning

Every action and publish content online – be it a photo, a video, a post or a simple comment – helps build and strengthen our personal branding. It is sad that many have not thought before embarking on social media networks and what they want to convey in the online environment: their values, style, image, etc…

The lack of branding strategy or worse, not being true to ourselves is a mistake that we can avoid from now.

2) Content Policy

The content policy generation a person has to be preceded by a strategy: Who is our target audience? What are the most appropriate channels to reach and deliver our message? What are the ideals to strengthen and support our branding?

Without an answer to these questions we expose ourselves to generate content – with the investment in time and effort that entails – which the best fail to arouse interest and at worst could spark authentic reputation crisis.

3) Management and Analysis

Establishes policy analysis and forward your personal brand to help view. There is no doubt that having a strategy however small Web monitoring and social networking is vital.

Not only to know the impact and value but we have to respond quickly to situations can that be potentially damaging to our reputation.

The following free tools that we present below will help, but it starts with an easy practice: make a general search your name in Google (without being logged in the Google network) to visualize how you are perceived by users. Do the same search on images to view that are associated and linked to you.

12 Free Tools Online Reputation

1. Google Alerts
It is important to define alerts in Google for alerts when we reach our name is mentioned on the internet and act accordingly. Alerts can be configured to receive mail format or subscribe to our RSS and associate bookmark manager.

2. About.me

With About.me lets you create a personal web page which is a meeting point for networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram and a blog. This tool can help you improve your web presence and help others to know quickly who you are and what you share online.

3. Brand Yourself

This website is a good way to manage and take ownership of your search results. This tool makes the search engines like Google or Bing find your true self.

4. Who’s Talkin?

It sends alerts based on our keywords analyzing when someone mentioned. The search for relevant conversations is one of the most helpful features.

5. Social Mention

This tool is similar to Who’s Talkin. Analyzes when someone mentions and more importantly who it is that we mentioned. It does on the content generated by users, such as blogs, bookmarks, comments or videos posted on the network.

6. HootSuite

This tool helps to manage and measure your social media presence in a simple control panel. You can manage multiple social networking profiles, messages and tweets, mentions and analyze traffic deals on social networks.

7. Tweetdeck

This tool is similar to Hootsuite. Acquired by twitter is also very popular. You are more likely to enjoy of free features that its main competitor although it has no reports with possible integration to Google Analytics.

8. Naymz

This tool measures and manages your social media reputation. Assigns a score based on how people find us. You can calculate your social influence similar to Klout.

9. Google’s Me on the web

This tool notifies you when your personal information, such as email address or phone number is published on the network.

10. Yasni

This tool can help you find a phone number, email address, profession or place of any person. The tool provides news and links on any individual.

11. NameChk

Want to know if your name is available on a social network? This tool helps you determine whether the user name you want is still available. Also helps protect your domain from being used by cybersquatters.

12. Google Analytics

This is the latest tool from the list. Configuring such a scorecard can know, for example, the social acquisition of visits your blog or personal page.

As we advanced online reputation management is no easy task. Crowd of networks and a host of tools that make it easy mission than track and analyze everything that happens in the social universe. We left in the pipeline many tools, especially that are not free.

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Vishal Shah is the founder and CEO of optiinfo.com, a web development company which provide highly specialized website designing services and iPhone application development


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§ 2 Responses to 3 Tips to manage your personal brand and 12 tools

  • Great post Vishal! i like it when you talk about “not being true to ourselves is a mistake” and that’s so true especially in personal branding.

  • Personal brand is about sincerity.Those who pretend to be someone they are not run the risk of being exposed. A false image may get you some short-term success, but over time, others will likely see through it. Rather than constructing a false image and working hard to maintain a deception, you should pay attention to what is truthful and amazing about you and work hard to make the most of it.

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