6 Social Media Semi-Obscure Network You Should Join

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6 Social Media Semi-Obscure Network You Should Join

6 Social Media Semi-Obscure Network You Should Join

Now a day’s many business owners are convinced with the value of social media networks. After all, we all use social media anyhow in any field whether it personal or professional or communication somewhere we are attached to it.  These sites are ideally used for promoting customers and for advertising purpose as well.  These social media provide us a place where we can build our relationship with customers and even a definite place to network with our professional contacts.

In significance, if we see the another side of social media than the social media can be a perfect platforms for developing a positive brand, and they will definitely help you for maintain reputation and getting goodwill as well.

On social media sites there are many brand leaders in the field, as a business, so it is very much essential for you to have a continue presence and eye sight on all of these networking sites.

Get more popular on less popular sites

Many of the businesses can find there targeted audience on less popular social media network than that of Face book or twitter.

Well but we can’t deny the fact that many business associates are satisfied with Face book, LinkedIn and twitter.

The big and popular social media sites can make some possible move and definite move rather than that less popular site, but the fact we can’t deny that many attractive offer will engage audience.

In some cases, the social media has a cool and pleasant nature which gives pleased environment. This type of environment makes easier to connect with customers.

Social Media – Business to Consumer (B2C)


Pintrest gives a unique way to advertise the company to show their products. It gives a perfect platform to the business owner to show the customers what they have to offer and as well as give them an inside view of things. Businesses can create many informative things and can entertain the customers or audience. Some attractive and creative will catch the attention of viewers. Pintrest is a perfect model for branding purposes.


If you are going for MySpace whether by choosing new style or old style, MySpace is a still great platform to meet up with customers exclusively for younger crowds. The new MySpace requires user’s to define their roles. Setting up an account is also easier. You can also login with your face book or twitter account. A plus point in this is that you can also add your URL.


By Google+ you can set up a business page. This is a very unique and cost effective way to promote and advertise your product or services. Google provide additionally Google widgets. When you add Google widget it will perform and will connect you to Google+ page, so by this viewers will get encourage and they will follow your page and will share your content. Main benefit of Google+ is that business page is the built in SEO benefits.

Certain things to think

It is a fact which we can’t deny that face book, LinkedIn and twitter are the one of the most giant social networking. But there are actually numerous sites many of which are gaining momentum very quickly.  But more important thing is that being active with all the leading sites and has to make a presence where it makes distance.  It is very much helpful to any business to be active at a site which is frequented by visitor who have a interest in all new products and services being offered than it is to spend time at a site where no one is interested.

Partner Up

Partner Up is a site which procures small business owners. This is the perfect site for networking with others in the same or similar industries.  There are no charges in using this site they just asked the basic users information about their business. The following sites works as a directory that can match vendors to business.

Group site

This site is designed with some specialty of groups. The site offers you specialized professional groups to collaborate and interact.  This site provides direct networking opportunities.

The point behind this article is that, whether your goal is to make sales or network, business owner should take time to find the relevant social media sites. Every business is unique and the concept behind every business is also unique, and just because of this every social media will work well for every business.

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