Google and SEO 2013: What Should We Be Wary Of?

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Google and SEO 2013 What Should I Be Wary Of

Google and SEO 2013 What Should I Be Wary OfqGoogle and SEO 2013 What Should I Be Wary Of

The Internet is a vast and expansive place and it’s easy for the little business to become lost and unnoticed; failing to reach that first page, top ranking position. This is why many small businesses turn to SEO marketing companies, who claim to have the tools and know-how to get your website to the top of the pile. However, such Page Rank Guarantees, First Page Guarantees and Top Guarantee Search Placements may actually be a waste of the small business’s time and money; a shortcut to the top that is unable to maintain its heights.

Why should We be wary?

The bare bones of improving the placement and visibility of your website involve drawing the Google search engine to your site. The more your site is picked up by the Google search engine, the more people view it, the higher it climbs up the result pages, which then means even more people will click on your page. SEO marketing companies claim they can accomplish this trick by tailoring keywords connected to the type of webpage you wish to promote. However, this is not a definite guarantee that your webpage will even reach the first page and even if it does it may not maintain its position. Many SEO companies are often good at making promises and then failing to keep them in the long run, because they:

  • Often don’t know the area of business or industry your page concerns very well, so aren’t actually aware of the best keywords connected to your site.
  •  Often only promote and market for the short term, without considering the needs and evolution of the business in the future.

What can we do to avoid the cowboys and improve my ranking?

If you do decide that you want to get into business with a SEO company here are some questions you may want to ask beforehand, to ascertain whether you will profit from the venture:

  • When did your business start?
  • Do you have any experience working within my field/industry?
  • Can you tell me stories of happy customers and show me the work you provided for them over an extended period?
  • What are the best SEO techniques for success, especially in regards to organic search results?
  • Are you aware of Google Webmaster Guidelines and do you follow them?

Your other option is to go it alone, which may mean your own hard graft, but could also mean:

  • A solid, long lasting foundation for your website; run, edited and monitored by you.
  • An expert in your field in charge, rather than a novice.
  • Organic search engine results, which are generally stronger and longer lasting than those created by a SEO company.
  • Large savings of money-SEO companies can be expensive!

Just to hammer the message home just a little bit harder, even the employees of Google urge caution for the small business in the realm of SEO. Matt Cutts, head of Webspam at Google advises against going for ‘First Pages Guarantees’. He believes that Better Placement should always be avoided, and states that if they say on their home page ‘guaranteed first page Google placement’ then be very wary, this sets alarm bells ringing for him and should for you too.

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