How Does Google For SEO?

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How Does Google For SEO

How Does Google For SEO

Google currently owns 65% of the search market worldwide, millions of search engine users prefer this because of the accuracy of their results. Knowing how the search engine is an important key to open the way to better search engine optimization.

Mechanics search

When you search for something in Google, within milliseconds the results are shown; behind them there are hundreds of scripts and programming algorithms that act as filters. In order to eliminate sites that try to cheat the system to settle into a good position in the results, this formula has been modified over the years.

No one knows exactly how these algorithms is that they work or how many of them are responsible for positioning a site but Google provides important information about it.

Changes in the algorithms

Based on a list of changes that Google has made since 2000, you may notice certain factors in common:

  • Google has always sought to stay ahead of spam sites, of those who base their position on the overuse of keywords in invisible text or any other technical or fraudulent. Any quick fix charted used in improving a site, probably will not last long being effective.
  • Users in mind, the world’s largest search has focused on show in their results with quality content sites, focusing on sites with duplicate content sink without contribution to readers.
  • The links have always been an important part of the criteria for positioning and apparently will remain so. But the links should be based on a strategy of quality, not quantity. The links on social networks like Twitter are also helpful.
  • Google a technical aspect that takes into account the charted sites, is the speed of page loading, is not only important in positioning this factor is also important in increasing the conversion rate.
  • Another way to anticipate the changes in Google, you frequently check sites that offer important news, one of them is SEO by the Sea, has important and detailed information on various search engine updates.

What factors are well regarded by Google in SEO?

There is content that does not require a complete renovation, ie there are texts that are well written and require only minimal maintenance.

The actions in social networks are also taken into account by Google, although differently. Actions such as “Likes”, posted messages, file sharing, and many other actions are taken into account for the charted. This will become increasingly important and this will continue as the search engine continues to invest time and money on Google Plus.

Improve your site completely and make it fit to be seen not only on a PC, but on the various current devices will have a positive impact on the positioning of your page. What Google wants is that each user has personalized results if the search is performed from a smartphone, the results should be prioritized those sites that are adapted for viewing on such devices and so depending on the need.

Why some techniques still work?

One question that many should ask is whether Google is so smart in tracking pages, why some sites that providers use fraudulent techniques are well positioned?

The answer is in the Google index is very delicate and do not want to make mistakes sinking quality pages or generating false positives.

Google engineers are working to find a balance showing in results quality sites without affecting those sites that do not use fraudulent techniques trying to improve your rankings.

There may be pages that use deceptive strategies that can position themselves in a good place for a few months, even a couple of years, however, are eventually discovered by Google.

Another way to discover the workings of Google and use it for web positioning is using it own tools; Webmaster Tools provides comprehensive information and important, for example:

Speed ​​in pages: Before in Webmaster Tools showed information about the loading time of the pages themselves now sent to the site to your program Page Speed, which shows important aspects of the loading times of a website. This is very important to Google, because if a user sends a slow web, people prefer to use another search engine.

Errors on sites: A no search engine, likes to send their users to sites with errors Google, lists all the faults you find in one place and can be solved by WebMaster Tools.

Traffic: You can review trends, if traffic increases or low, just look at the number of impressions of your site in search. You can analyze whether the strategies employed are correct, if you make a change to a website and traffic increases, it indicates that you are doing the right thing and vice versa.

Value of content: Reviewing sitemaps of Google, you can see how many pages of a site have been added to the index, if they are several, probably the vast majority of the web is considered quality.

Posts: WebMaster Tools has an excellent feature, a message area on showing aspects considered wrong in one place so we can correct them.

To anticipate the various changes in Google algorithms is essential and know how to use the tools offered by WebMaster Tools.

What can you expect from Google in the future?

Using different Google tools, including Google Plus, you can get an idea of ​​where you are headed this search.

Facebook has tried to compete with Google to develop its own advertising network, however, is difficult to unseat someone who quickly adapts and changes mind.

In terms of popularity Google Plus does not compete with Facebook, however you are using a strategy that has slowly increased the use of social network search engine, integrating the different tools that are used daily.

Google has added an important database called Knowledge Graph, which is responsible for collecting important data of searches for himself to show more accurate results every time.

Combining all this information both in their social network and its various tools, Google aims to provide more precise searches based on each user the more Google knows about you, the better results will show.

With all this, is to improve and clarify both searches, the goal is that the results of a person, are different from those of its neighbor, based on information collected from each user.

THE ever-changing world of Google is impressive, perhaps never can be completely sure of the changes to be made in the algorithms, however, most important to achieve a good position is to continue providing users with quality content and promoting the site through blogs and social networks. Giving users what they want, it also serves to open the door to a good position in the search results.

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