Google Disavow Links Tool to Avoid Penalty

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Google Disavow Links Tool to Avoid Penalty

Google Disavow Links Tool to Avoid Penalty

Well, it is worth remembering that there is a tool that can help in the task of clearing the web of links that can harm us and anticipate the penalty. That name is : Google disavow Links Tool

Google’s intention (as the video of Matt Cutts), is to make available to those who have expressed a fear of being penalized for having low quality links that do not control, a tool that allows them to defend themselves against malpractice by competition or by some SEO ‘s. In theory, the petition is based on the request that certain links are ignored but are we sure that everything is there?

Some opinions suggest that this tool should only be used in those cases where you have previously received a notice informing artificial links Google, which is received when Google detects that there may have been purchase, exchange or other process artificial generation of links.

How does it work?

We access Google Webmaster Tools. Once inside the tool, write the Web in which we disallow links. We ask you to send a file. txt with those links, each URL on a line. You can also include an entire domain or a specific page. However, we must not rush to send reports. Matt Cutts himself recommends caution in reporting links.

Criteria that lead to the suspicion of links

  • Farm Link
  • Excess web links
  • Lack of content
  • Duplicate Content
  • High density of keywords
  • Excess advertising
  • Excess Web links indiscriminately

The greatest risk

One of the great risks involved with the use of this tool is that it leaves one quiet, working or not malpractice. Anyone can disavow links anywhere. No defense option.

When do we start to see results?

The results are not immediate. In general, it takes weeks to occur since the request is sent, therefore, at that time we may expect in the positions affected are concerned.

Useful Tips

First of all, check notifications periodically Google Webmaster Tools where you indicate if you have problematic link and seriously think about the consequences of using this tool and how it will affect your ranking. Most importantly, use it ONLY IF identifies correctly links and do not forget to contact the Webmaster previously to remove the link.

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