Four Advanced Tricks for Getting the Most Out Of Your Blog Comments

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Four Advanced Tricks for Getting the Most Out Of Your Blog Comments

Four Advanced Tricks for Getting the Most Out Of Your Blog Comments

Times change and before the most important for your website to be important in the face of search engines, was to have the maximum number of links pointing from all possible sites to your page, now this is happening to a secondary plane.

This is the era of the social networking boom and all self-respecting search engines cannot let them go unnoticed. That’s why the search for excellence Google, increasingly more emphasis on our social networking activity and ultimately our relationship with people interested in our same topic.

The importance of web passes was the importance of the author who writes it. Let’s say there is a ranking for that particular author who will go becoming a reference to this theme and its publications will be considered of considerable importance.

There are many factors that can cause you to gain that “popularity in your niche” in the face of Google but all focus on really see that you have a community behind following your articles and participating with their opinions. Well are these through social networks or through the comments on your blog.

Therefore, it seems important to focus on somehow get that recognition in your niche and that participation by you read.

Let’s focus on both the importance of blog comments and see how we can do that we encourage users to comment more or see how we can get the most benefit to them in the interests of our blog, which would get more visitors and increase the community through it.

Four methods use to get more out of the comments.

1) Use the comments to get more people enrolled in your list of Newsletters:

If we are talking about the goal of getting more visitors to our blog and have a large community around it, we cannot let the idea of having a list of persons registered to it through your mail.

These people receive notifications of items you sent. When they get your mail, you’re more likely to send something more direct and give you options to get more visitors if you are interested in what they’re commenting.

To increase the list of followers through email, we may use the tool of comments like MailChimp Comment. I must clarify that to use this plugin, you have to manage your list of followers by the method MailChimp, on what I consider is the best manager for subscribers list. Or maybe you want to change to this method will give you some very interesting advanced options and easy to handle.

2)Get your visits back to read new comments

This plugin I think is quite useful and important; the thing is that when you comment on a blog, you may be waiting for a response. If this blog does not have a system like that comment, you have to be constantly visiting it to see if there is an answer or not. Surely most of the time do not ever forget that page because you run out and read the answer.

With this plugin, You will give option to reader to decide if you want to receive a notification every time you write a comment back to the input. That way you will be making more visits and giving the reader a better experience because you can follow the conversation generated through a convenient article.

3) Thank your readers comments and get new followers on other channels.

What we will do is that we give thanks to the person to write on our blog for the first time. This will automatically send an email to their email which will give you thanks for comment.

That we’re going to get with the plugin. This will allow us to define a number of options easily. Among them you can set how often you want to send a message to the same person. You can configure only one message, for example when writing thank a comment on your blog, and send it to each person only the first time you write a comment on your blog. You can also configure multiple sending and then go one after another every time you write.

The good thing is you can use this email to encourage you follow through the various social networks in which you are present or even sign up to your Newsletter.

When you send it the first time you write on your blog, it is very unlikely that you are following in these social networks, as they surely have found your article via Google, so it’s a lovely way to get the number of people you follow.

4) Give your readers a benefit based on your feedback

Anyone who comment on your blog, follow one of the following objectives:

  • Give more visibility to your page to put a link to it.
  • Give your opinion (against / in favor) on a certain subject, which may also make you get people interested in what you write.
  • Ask questions about what is written in the article.
  • You write? With some objective comments?

Well, apart from what they can bring to your readers commenting on your blog, we are also seeing that to them brings something very positive for the same, so I think it’s good in some way to give them options profitable exit also leave a review on your blog.

We are going to use the plugin ” Twitter Links Comments“. This will give us two things:

  • Give the person the opportunity to comment to increase your followers on Twitter because it will put a link to your account in the comment.
  • Give yourself the chance to you, as an administrator of a blog to increase your network of contacts to find accounts of people who follow your subject and can therefore follow them also enrich your network of people around your interests.

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